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PJTV has been covering the Tea Party Movement closely since it's inception on April 19 Tax Day, when PJTV and Pajamas Media took the lead in trying to determine the number of demonstrators in over 900 venues across the country. There were over 800 citizen reporters sending us over 100 videos and 7000 photos and our analysis lead to the conclusion that over 1,000,000 people participated in those events.

On 9/12/09 there was a yet bigger march in Washington DC. PJTV was also there, as well as at the key Midwestern event in Quincy, Illinois.

We will continue to cover the Tea Party Movement into the Fall in as many aspects as possible. Like almost all political movements, as it grows in success and dimension, there will naturally be splits and competitions among Tea Party members and interest groups. Different approaches and alliances will be tried. We will cover these too, as honestly as we can. The Tea Party Express II is a bus tour that will visit over 30 cities starting with San Diego on October 25. At this moment we have reporter - Chris Burgard (who PJTV sent down to Honduras this summer) on board the bus. Follow the reports from Chris as well as from citizen reporters here.