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american-flag-fence Is Our Desire To Be Safe Eroding Our Freedoms? (Members Only)


With all the recent terrorist attacks, we have made keeping our nation safe and protected our priority, but have we abandoned our freedoms in the process?

Dec 1, 2015 8min
dinesh-d'souza-3 The Heist: How Democrats Are No Better Than Street Thugs

PJTV Special

When Dinesh D'Souza was in prison, he realized that Democrats operate the same way a lot of the criminals did; they're pulling off a huge heist!

Nov 30, 2015 14min
Bill-Clinton Do the Sexual Accusers of Bill Clinton Deserve to be Believed?

The Rundown

Hillary Clinton says that all sexual accusers deserve to be believed.

Nov 30, 2015 13min
psychologist-image Have Psychologists Enabled a Decline in Virtue? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Psychology used to be based in talk therapy, with an 'analyst.' Now psychology seems to be a lot of pill pushing and moral subjectivism...

Nov 30, 2015 8min
d'souza-2 Behind Bars: Dinesh D'Souza's Life As a Political Prisoner

PJTV Special

Though technically not a 'prison,' Dinesh D'Souza got sentenced to a Federal containment facility. Hear what it was like for him to interact with criminal gang-members.

Nov 28, 2015 13min
Ted-Cruz Ted Cruz Is on the Rise

Poll Position with John Philips

Are Republican voters having second thoughts about establish candidates like Cruz? 

Nov 28, 2015 4min
universe-awe 'I Don't Believe in Religion... But The Universe Will Provide for Me...' (Members Only)


In this Trifecta Extra, the gents cover concept cars, Thanksgiving, Israeli agriculture, and religion. Don't miss it!

Nov 28, 2015 16min
dinesh-d'souza-1 The Trial: How Dinesh D'Souza Was Criminalized for Making '2016' Film

PJTV Special

For violating a minor election law, Dinesh D'Souza was punished heavily. Even his liberal lawyer has realized his conviction was politically motivated.

Nov 27, 2015 15min
Migrants Barack Obama's eRefugee.com Solves Syrian Refugee Crisis with a Click

Scott Ott Thought

With the Syrian refugee crisis dividing Americans from their beloved president, Scott Ott thought we needed a website to solve the problem: eRefugee.com

Nov 27, 2015 2min
vladmir-putin-small Has Putin Become Stronger as Obama Becomes Weaker? (Members Only)


As Obama is seen as weaker and weaker in foreign affairs, has Putin become the go-to powerhouse for leadership and strength?

Nov 27, 2015 9min