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jon-stewart-close-up From the Archives: Jon Stewart's Stupid Nuclear Commentary

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

As comedian Jon Stewart retires from his longtime Comedy Central gig, we salute him... his stupidity. Check out this Bill Whittle video from the archives.

Jul 30, 2015 17min
Has Liberal Hollywood Finally Crossed the Rubicon?


Is Hollywood still a one party town, or is it making room for contrary views?

Sep 8, 2010 10min
We Report, You Obey: The MSM's Dirty Tea Party Fetish

Klavan on Culture

Angry or furious? Threatening or deeply, deeply sinister? From their angry pickup trucks to their extreme extremities, Mainstream Media News anchor Andrew Klavan delivers a hard-hitting, objective report on America’s angry tea party of anger. Watch the latest Klavan on the Culture and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3293

Klavan on culture, ***, Andrew Klavan ]

Mar 24, 2010 5min
Memo to David Frum: It's the Spending, Stupid

Front Page with Allen Barton

David Frum of FrumForum sent some interns to quiz some tea partiers about tax policy and the finer points of the beltway’s inside baseball pet agendas. Now, anti-tea writers on the right are jumping at the chance to draw overblown conclusions from Frum’s small sample. Watch the Front Page panel weigh in and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3266

Tea Party Coverage, Issue of the Day, Front Page with Allen Barton, Best of PJTV This Week, ***, ****, Best of PJTV ]

Mar 19, 2010 13min
Burning Down The New York Times in Three Acts ... Act I: All The News That's "Fit"

Roger L. Simon: Talking Through My Hat

Media Bias, Best of PJTV This Week, Roger L. Simon, Roger L. Simon: Talking Through My Hat ]

Jun 12, 2009 7min
Bumper Sticker Police: Keeping our nation's highways and byways safe from self-righteous motorists

Klavan on Culture

 Andrew Klavan delivers a blistering commentary about those dopey bumper stickers people put on their cars. What's more annoying than seeing a beat up VW with a Carter '80 bumper sticker? Klavan has the answer.

Klavan on culture, Best of PJTV This Week, PJTV CLASSICS: Vol 1, Andrew Klavan ]

Jun 11, 2009 3min
GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE? The Credit Crisis: A Shot Across the Bow for Britain & America

Economy and Financial Review

Investor's Business Daily, Best of PJTV This Week, Bill Whittle, Economy/Financial Shows, Terry Jones ]

May 22, 2009 13min
Elizabeth Edwards Publicity Tour - Sonja Schmidt's Healthy Portion of Reality

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

The PJTV Grill, Best of PJTV This Week, ***, Sonja Schmidt ]

May 14, 2009 7min
Reason TV: Forwarding the Message of Individual Freedom

American Tea Party

Glenn Reynolds, Nick Gillespie, Best of PJTV This Week, *** ]

May 13, 2009 25min
PURE EVIL FLASHBACK: Roger L. Simon & How Ahmadinejad Made Him a Believer

Roger L. Simon: Talking Through My Hat

Roger L. Simon, Best of PJTV This Week, ***, Roger L. Simon: Talking Through My Hat ]

May 12, 2009 9min