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CLIMATEGATE: The World's Top Scientists Deconstruct History's Biggest Boondoggle

International Climate Change Conference 2010

 Is global warming an inconvenient truth or a overhyped exaggeration?  Now, PJTV Subscribers can watch speeches and interviews with Lord Monckton, George Allen, Richard Lindzen, Steve McIntyre and many others. Check out the PJTV Members Only Section for more: http://www.pjtv.com/?cmd=mpg&mpid=146

Jun 15, 2010 5min
Chutzpah and Consequence: Karl Rove on Gaza Violence and Jewish Republicans

PJTV Special

Roger L. Simon sits down with political guru and former Bush advisor Karl Rove at the Annual Republican Jewish Coalition Summer Bash to get his take on the Gaza Flotilla situation and the direction of the American Jewish vote. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3715

Jun 7, 2010 6min
Democracy vs. Obama and the Dictators: PJTV Reports From Tegucigalpa, Honduras

PJTV Special

Roger L. Simon, Chris Burgard ]

Jul 9, 2009 9min
Durban Watch: Roger L. Simon Interviews Jon Voight at Durban Watch Conference

Durban Watch

Durban Watch: Roger L. Simon Interviews Jon Voight at Durban Watch Conference

Oct 3, 2011 3min
Going Dutch: Would Holland’s Healthcare System Work for U.S.?

PJTV Healthcare Forum

Roger L. Simon ]

Jul 30, 2009 9min
In My Time: Dick Cheney Speaks Out On the 2012 GOP Field, Gay Marriage, and the Arab Spring

PJTV Special

"One of the things I was disturbed by was when President Obama went to Cairo and basically said that the United States is not an exceptional country" -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney 

Sep 23, 2011 18min
LORD MONCKTON: The Fraudulent Theory of Man-Made Global Warming (Members Only)

International Climate Change Conference 2010

 MEMBERS ONLY: Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley on anthropogenic global warming and how he became a world leader in countering this theory politically and scientifically  This detailed interview was conducted by Roger L. Simon at the 4th International Conference on Climate Change. MEMBERS WATCH & COMMENT HERE: http://pjtv.com/v/3676

Jun 13, 2010 33min
Not All Jews Are Liberals - Republican Jewish Coalition 2009 Summer Bash

Pajamas TV

Roger L. Simon ]

Jul 1, 2009 6min
Not For Idiots Anymore: Why TV Is Now Better Than Movies


What do "So You Think You Can Dance", "Glee", "Burn Notice", "Grey's Anatomy" and "House" say about America, and the Americans who watch these shows? Everything.

In this week's "Poliwood", Roger and Lionel discuss the differences between film vs. television, and find that the latter medium does a much better job of mining our psyches. It's the peoples' medium.

Not convinced? Then watch the episode and tell us why you agree or disagree in the comments section.

Jun 24, 2010 10min
PJTV SPECIAL REPORT: Despite the Views of the Political Elite, Democracy Prevails in Honduras

PJTV Special

Roger L. Simon, Chris Burgard ]

Jul 16, 2009 11min