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A Tale of 2 Caliphates? Iran and ISIS Dominating Middle East? (Members Only)


Are Iran and ISIS gearing up to take-over the Middle East? Hear the Trifecta guys discuss this harsh topic.

Mar 6, 2015 6min
Too Damn Big! Can We Get the Govt. to Shrink?


In this rare public preview of our Members Only Trifecta content, the Trifecta gents discuss how they would perfect government by making it smaller.

Mar 5, 2015 8min
Should Bill Open Up and Try Korean Food? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

Bill said on Trifecta Extra last week that he'd never had pork belly, let alone Korean BBQ. See his answer to not-Dave's question.

Mar 5, 2015 14min
Too Damn Big: Govt. Out of Control on Taxes and Spending


Think of all the money you paid this year, and have ever paid, in taxes. Now think of all the money all of the people you know have paid and will pay...

Mar 4, 2015 7min
Too Damn Big! The Federal Government is Bloated Beyond Belief!


A Representative in the House used to represent about a tenth of the population they now do. So do they still actually represent our concerns??? Heck no!

Mar 3, 2015 9min
The Answer is 42: The Trifecta Book Club (Members Only)


Don't forget your towels! Steve Green takes you on an adventure-- what books are the Trifecta hosts reading? Do they recommend them?

Feb 28, 2015 7min
It's a Trap!!! Don't Make us Name the Non-Enumerated Rights! (Members Only)


In this WildCard, the gents are asked to name some of the 'other rights' that are protected by the 9th Amendment. But Scott Ott's too smart for your trap...

Feb 27, 2015 5min
Cholesterol Isn't Bad for You!


The NY Times admitted that there is no real data that proves dietary cholesterol is bad for you. What else have the government scientists gotten wrong???

Feb 25, 2015 7min
72-cents on the Dollar: Hillary Pays Female Staffers Less


We need a champion for women's rights! And luckily Hillary Clinton is about to be elected President!!! Oh wait, she pays her female staffers 72-cents on the dollar.

Feb 24, 2015 6min
The Ronnie Awards: Finally a Conservative Award Show!

Red State Red Carpet

People like Dinesh D’Souza have gotten excluded from The Oscars, so we right that wrong. Watch the first ever conservative award show: The Ronnies!

Feb 20, 2015 32min