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'The Myth of the Robber Barons' Explained (Part 1)

PJTV Special

"We have political entrepreneurs, using the political marketplace, and you have market entrepreneurs trying to produce quality products at competitive prices, to please consumers." --Burt Folsom

Dec 24, 2013 13min
'The Myth of the Robber Barons' Explained, Part 2 (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"Better quality products can be produced with freedom." -Dr. Burt Folsom

Dec 31, 2013 10min
Are Convoys Dying? C'Mon Let Those Truckers Roll! (Members Only, 10-4 Good Buddy?)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

"You don't have to like it, its just true." --Bill Whittle

Apr 17, 2014 11min
Can Ted Cruz Run for President? He was Born in Canada...

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

"Once a precedent has been broken, its broken."

Jul 10, 2013 4min
Chaos in Pakistan, Danger for America

National Security Review

Nicholas Schmidle, Bill Whittle ]

May 11, 2009 15min
David Frum on Conservative Chaos: The Sanford Scandal & The "Limbaugh Problem"

Pajamas TV

David Frum, Bill Whittle ]

Jun 25, 2009 16min
Election Hot Seat with Bill Whittle: How You Can Save Our Republic (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"I think Barack Obama was 100% ready for Benghazi" -- Bill Whittle

Oct 24, 2012 16min
General Curtis LeMay, Part 1: The Total War General

Pajamas TV

  Sep 7, 2009 11min
General Curtis LeMay, Part 2: How "Mr. Fix It" Won The Pacific War & Saved Strategic Air Command

Pajamas TV

Bill Whittle, Warren Kozak ]

Sep 8, 2009 10min
Hot Seat w/ Bill Whittle: 70% of Americans Believe Kennedy Assassination Part of a Conspiracy?!?

PJTV Special

"Once you understand Lee Harvey Oswald, everything makes perfect sense." --Bill Whittle

Nov 22, 2013 14min