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TRIBEFECTA: Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Soccer? Your Questions Answered Here (Members Only)


Where does Nancy Pelosi get her hair cut? What's Bill's favorite memory about growing up in Bermuda? Where did "TribeFecta" come from? Because the Trifecta team loves our subscribers, this segment and comment section is for Members Only. Ask the guys anything you want. Please include your name and town. Also, the Member who asks the best question gets PJTV gear.

Jun 16, 2010 3min
OBAMANATION: Overwhelmed and Underemployed In Barack Obama's America (Members Only)


Listen to Whittle, Ott and Green answer your questions in a special members only Trifecta.

Aug 11, 2010 12min
Klavan, Whittle & Pyrrhus: "Forward" (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"It's not 'Forward' at all" -- Andrew Klavan 

May 22, 2012 6min
Behind the Scenes at Trifecta's Pitch Meeting: Mr. Smith's Education (Members Only)


See a special behind the scenes episode of Trifecta. See Steve Green, Scott Ott and Bill Whittle pitch their latest ideas and discuss current events in this Members Only Trifecta.  

Jan 13, 2011 12min
RNC 2012: It's the Issues, Stupid! Bill Whittle Breaks Down What Matters to Voters

RNC 2012

Day 2 of RNC coverage

Aug 28, 2012 64min
RNC 2012: Paul Ryan Takes Center Stage. Plus, Obama & the Politics of Division

RNC 2012

Day 3 of RNC coverage

Aug 29, 2012 60min
Klavan & Whittle: Does the Right Demonize the Left, the Way the Left Demonizes the Right? (Members)

PJTV Special

"It's much easier to demonize someone when you don't know them" -- Andrew Klavan 

Apr 9, 2012 6min
The Let 'em Loose Truce: The US Catch and Release Program for Taliban Terrorists (Members)


"President Obama sees a future where the Taliban is just a political party" -- Scott Ott


May 12, 2012 4min
ARE WE SAFER? National Security Experts Answer Your Questions (Members Only)

National Security Review

Are homegrown Islamist/Jihadist groups infiltrating our government? Will Sharia law spoil the American melting pot? Is our infrastructure adequately protected? Join Allen Barton as Austin Bay and Cliff May answer your questions in this members only National Security Review. The World Trade Center Mosque, muslim rebels, Hugo Chavez and more.


Jul 22, 2010 16min
Is President Obama A Coward? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Do Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle agree on the topic that President Obama is a coward? Find out on this episode of Klavan & Whittle! 

Mar 28, 2016 9min