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Alexis Garcia Reports From Florida: Newt Gingrich Chides Press as Romney Shows Strength in Polls

PJTV Special

"A lot of conservatives don't see a candidate that they have fallen in love with" -- Alexis Garcia


Jan 31, 2012 5min
PJ Pop Quiz: Alexis Garcia's Very Steamy Valentine's Quiz (Handcuffs Not Required)

PJTV Special

"Maybe you should have stuck with Hustler [Magazine]" -- Alexis Garcia 

Feb 11, 2012 7min
PJTV REPORT: The Tea Party Rising

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia and Brandi Milloy review the latest stories at PJTV.  

Sep 17, 2010 8min
PJTV REPORT: Glenn Beck Rally, Illegal Immigration, Tea Party Politics, and Star Hustlers

PJTV Special

Alexis Garcia and Brandi Milloy review the top stories on PJTV. Plus a sneak preview of Brandi's special report from Arizona, where ranchers have found a Koran and prayer rug at a border crossing.  

Sep 2, 2010 10min
PJ Pop Quiz: Primary & Caucus Pop Quiz

PJTV Special

"So many Reagan advisors so little time" -- Alexis Garcia

Jan 2, 2012 7min
RNC 2012: Paul Ryan Takes Center Stage. Plus, Obama & the Politics of Division

RNC 2012

Day 3 of RNC coverage

Aug 29, 2012 60min
Super Tuesday Showdown: Whittle & Kruiser Break Down the GOP Race and the Fight Ahead

PJTV Special

"You're at the point where you're hoping to achieve Bob Dole numbers." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 5, 2012 11min
The IRS/Tax Time Pop Quiz. Are 56FF Breast Implants Deductible?

PJTV Special

"Those are FF's on display. 56FF's to be exact...Chesty Love...prevailed as her implants were considered a business expense" -- Alexis Garcia


Apr 11, 2012 7min
POP QUIZ FLASHBACK: What the Pilgrims Really Ate & Why Eating Turkey Could Get You Arrested

PJTV Special

"Welcome to the PJ Pop Quiz. The only quiz that the 99% and the 1% agree is totally pointless" -- Alexis Garcia 

Nov 22, 2012 7min
PJ Pop Quiz: March Madness and Busy Lizzies

PJTV Special

"I am going to go with 19 because there is a demographic I target when I date. Wait, no, I can't say that on the air" -- Stephen Kruiser


Mar 13, 2012 7min