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Meet The Mob: Mother, Blogger, ObamaCare Protester

PJTV Daily

PJTV Daily Show, Bill Whittle ]

Aug 7, 2009 12min
Mitt Is in, But Can He Win?

PJTV Report

What's needed to win the GOP nomination and does Mitt Romney have the Conservative chops to do it?

Jun 2, 2011 7min
NATO, Out of Ammo? The Past Present & Future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

National Security Review

"There definitely is a future for NATO." -- Sally McNamara

Apr 27, 2011 10min
Obama's Jobs Plan: Higher Taxes and Higher Unemployment?


"No matter what the President tells you, this bill is just Stimulus II, packed full of class warfare" --Stephen Green

Sep 13, 2011 7min
Obama's Mixed Messages: White House Confusion on Egypt, Libya and Middle East

National Security Review

"I think there is a message being sent that is effectively this: that we will punt responsibility of taking care of a dire situation in international security, and we are going to go ahead and punt to the Europeans, and we're going to punt it to NATO." -- Jonathan Schanzer

Mar 9, 2011 10min
ObamaCare Turns One: Happy Birthday to U.S.? Plus Jerusalem Bombing and Intifada Facebook

PJTV Report

"Obamacare still needs to be repealed or its going to destroy jobs in this country -- maybe 800,000 jobs are in jeopardy." - Bryan Preston

Mar 23, 2011 8min
Osama's Dead...Now What?

National Security Review

"Al Qaeda, which once executed spectacular attacks virtually at will, is now a dispirited and leaderless ghost of its former self." - Bill Whittle

May 5, 2011 10min
Our Constitution Is Alive and Well: Federal Court Strikes at Heart of ObamaCare


"The United States Constitution is alive and well, and living in Pensacola, Florida." -- Scott Ott

Feb 1, 2011 12min
Return to Gitmo: Revealing & Protecting the Secrets of the Island

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle has a lesson in journalism for the Mainstream Media. You can show the world what life is really like at Guantanamo Bay without jeopardizing the soldiers and families stationed there or putting the security of the United States at risk. Watch & Comment Here:

Jun 14, 2010 11min
Rile on the Nile & the Future of Obamacare

PJTV Report

"Judge Vinson went all in on his ruling on Obamacare... not only did he find that the mandate was unconstitutional, he also ruled that if the mandate went down, the whole bill went down with it.  That's a pretty big deal." -- Glenn Reynolds

Feb 2, 2011 7min