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The DC Power Grab: Independents Begin to Reject the Statist Agenda

Front Page with Allen Barton

Washington Watch, Allen Barton, Economy/Financial Shows, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Oct 17, 2009 16min
The Economics of Wal-Mart: Does the Nation's Largest Retailer Create Jobs and Help Consumers?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Wal-Mart is the number one trainer of youth" -- Terry Jones


Feb 27, 2012 10min
The EPA's Pontius 'Pilot' Program? EPA Bigwig Vows to Crucify Oil and Gas Industry

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The producers of oil, coal, natural gas---these provide crucial values to peoples' lives.  These are heroes of productivity."  --Keith Lockitch

Apr 27, 2012 8min
The Extreme Team: Schumer & the Democrat Caucus Fight Fiscal Responsibility With Fear Mongering

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to be between a rock and a hard place. If he comes to a compromise, he will be seen as selling out the block of Tea Party conservatives concerned with ending out of control government growth. But if Republicans stick together, they will be painted as inflexible and extreme." -- Allen Barton 

Apr 4, 2011 10min
The Future of ObamaCare: Can the Government Use the Commerce Clause to Justify Anything?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The Commerce Clause has already been inflated so much that we basically can't do anything without the government's permission". -- Alex Epstein 

Feb 7, 2011 12min
The Government Bubble: Democrats’ Agenda Goes From Boom To Bust

Front Page with Allen Barton

The internet bubble. The housing bubble. Now, today’s fast, huge expansion of government is ready to pop. Will Obama tack back to the center, or go out with a bang? Watch Allen Barton with the latest Front Page and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3204

Mar 5, 2010 15min
The Great Repetition: Is Obama Repeating the Economic Mistakes of FDR & the Great Depression

Front Page with Allen Barton

"There had been many depressions in the past. Recovery had almost always been quite quick and complete; usually in one or two years...yet this time the depression persisted. And the reason it persisted was because these New Deal actions...had the effect of...distorting the normal forces that would have exerted themselves to bring about recovery." -- Dr. Robert Higgs, The Independent Institute 

Mar 26, 2011 13min
The IRS Goes for the Gold: Athletes Owe Taxes on Medals

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Did you win a gold medal in the Olympics?... Well, you didn't earn that on your own---we are going to make sure you pay your fair share of taxes on that medal." -- Allen Barton

Aug 6, 2012 7min
The Lightbulb vs. The Volcano: The Real True Story of Earth Day

Front Page with Allen Barton

What has more impact on our climate, the wrong type of lightbulb in Burbank, CA, or a volcano in Iceland? Find out the real, true story of Earth Day and our climate today. Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3453

Keith Lockitch, Front Page with Allen Barton, Alex Epstein, Allen Barton, Keith Lockitch, Terry Jones ]

Apr 22, 2010 14min
The Long Goodbye in Iraq: Does Iraq Still Need the Assistance of US Troops?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"They picked a date on which all U.S. forces would be out. That was to send a very clear signal that we had made a transition between an occupation force to a force that was supporting the Iraqis." -- James Carafano

Jun 11, 2011 12min