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The News Dump: How Obama Hides Bad News

Front Page with Allen Barton

This White House, more than any other, believes in releasing potentially controversial news on a Friday in the hopes it blows over by Monday. Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/2841

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Dec 28, 2009 9min
The Non-Nuclear Option: Does Obama's Arms Control Tie America's Hands?

Front Page with Allen Barton

The President has successfully brokered a new arms control agreement with the Russians, setting the stage for a drawdown in our nuclear forces and limiting our use of the bomb. Is Obama making a prudent move or a weak one? Will he embolden enemy regimes that actually do want to attack our soil? Watch the latest Front Page and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3359

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Apr 12, 2010 15min
The Politics of a Senator's Death

Economy and Financial Review

Ayn Rand Center, Investor's Business Daily, Allen Barton, Economy/Financial Shows, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Aug 28, 2009 11min
The Rising Cost of Everything: Are We In the Grip of Inflation?

Front Page with Allen Barton

From Gas to gold, many prices are up. Is inflation rearing its ugly head? Terry Jones and Yaron Brook discuss Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve and more on the Front Page with Allen Barton.

Jan 17, 2011 12min
The South Carolina Republican Debate: Herman Cain Gains Presidential Steam

Front Page with Allen Barton

"People know when they see Herman Cain that he's not a 'politician.' He has a plain spoken policy I personally find appealing." - Terry Jones

May 7, 2011 14min
Three Strikes Against ObamaCare: Will the Supreme Court Call It "Out"?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"There's no lack of ego in the oval office these days... Obama thought that he had this special gift... It wasn't enough to take an unpopular bill and make it something the Ameican people wanted to swallow." -- Dr. Tevi Troy

Mar 5, 2011 14min
Through The Looking Glass: Obama’s Washington Is Mad As A Hatter

Front Page with Allen Barton

A topsy-turvy world where basic math is a mystery, and a grin with no substance floats over all? It can only be Wonderland – with America as poor Alice. From Red Queen Pelosi to the tea party, go down the rabbit hole with the latest Front Page. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3240

Mar 12, 2010 12min
Tony Blankley: "The Tea Party is a Blessing for the Republican Party"

Tea Party TV

Tony Blankley joins the Front Page Regulars, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook and Terry Jones, to discuss the conservative movement, the future of the GOP, and the momentum of the Tea Party Movement.Watch and Comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3402

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones, Tea Party TV, Tony Blankley, Tea Party Crashers, Tea Party Coverage, Tax Day Tea Party 2010 ]

Apr 16, 2010 17min
Totally Depressing: Krugman's Desire for Another Depression. Plus, the Dem Economy Spin

Front Page with Allen Barton

"According to him [Harry Reid], no one is creating any jobs. There are no job creators?!? These are unicorns!" -- Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)

Dec 23, 2011 10min
Wall Street Wobbles: Did the President Pass His Econ 101 Exam?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The President blamed everybody but himself for the economy." - Terry Jones

Aug 13, 2011 7min