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You Not Good, Uh, Talker All the Time? Sonja Has Help!

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

 Have trouble expressing yourself? Sonja Schmidt has the perfect product for you: The Obama Prompter. 


Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed, Sonja Schmidt ]

Feb 11, 2010 3min
Who Hates Sarah Palin? Part 1 of 3: The Media

Issue of the Day

Joe Hicks, Issue of the Day, Bill Whittle, Allen Barton, Sonja Schmidt ]

Jul 29, 2009 17min
White House Report: Cost of Each Obama Stimulus Job is $278,000

PJTV Report

"You've got to understand, Obama doesn't care about results. He's never been a capitalist. It's that he tried." - Tony Katz

Jul 7, 2011 6min
When Vice Presidents Attack! Forget his economic slip, the Biden Gaffe Machine takes on Obama

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

Sonja Schmidt ]

Jul 8, 2009 8min
When Immigrants Invade ... Your Refrigerator: Sonja Tees Off on Illegal Immigration & Victimhood

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

"We all immigrated the same time, my mom , my dad and I. We left the Soviet Union, then had to go through Poland, Austria then Italy...we had to see and be interviewed before we were able to enter the U.S. as refugees legally.  In fact, that was the only way to do it." - Dan

May 4, 2011 14min
Trickle Economics: A Tiny Increase in Jobs, Dramatic Plunge in Unemployment. Do the Numbers Lie?

PJTV Report

"It's Fruitcake Economics." -- James Gattuso, Heritage Foundation.

Feb 8, 2011 11min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: What Happens When You Let Kids Run Your Congress?

PJTV Special

So just what does happen when you let kids run your Congress. You'll hear the connection when Tony Katz, Sam Tripoli and Sonja Schmidt play word association.  

Nov 13, 2010 11min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: Thanksgiving Word Association, as American as Pumpkin Pie

PJTV Special

Fini Goodman, Brian Lloyd, Stephen Kruiser, Travis Cohen, and Sonja Schmidt compete compete for pumpkin pies on this episode of Tony Katz, Comically Speaking.

Nov 25, 2010 10min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: Salt, Sugar and Fat, Oh My! Nanny State Sticks Its Nose in Your Food

PJTV Special

First health control, now menu control. The nanny state says some foods are a big no-no. No Happy Meals at McDonald's. No salt in New York City. Could Twinkies a donuts be the solution to the coming food fight?

Nov 12, 2010 8min
Tony Katz, Comically Speaking: Michelle Obama's Salad Days

PJTV Special

Let them eat salad! 

Nov 29, 2010 8min