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Who Hates Sarah Palin? Part 3 of 3: The Conservatives

Issue of the Day

Joe Hicks, Scott Ott, Issue of the Day, Steve Crowder, Bill Whittle ]

Aug 5, 2009 23min
PJTV REPORT: Is Obama Toast? Some Democrats Think So; Plus Rangel, Axelrod & More

PJTV Special

Now Top Democrats are Telling Obama Not to Run in 2012.  Should He Listen.  Plus Rangel, Axelrod, Katz -- and Grooming Tips.

Nov 19, 2010 6min
The House Votes to Kill ObamaCare, 245-189. But Is This Just Political Theatre?

PJTV Report

House Republicans repeal Obamacare, with some bipartisan report.  But is it just an empty gesture?

Jan 19, 2011 7min