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Rand Ol' Party: Yaron Brook and the Intellectual Foundation of the Tea Party Movement

Tea Party TV

"Why has Atlas Shrugged been able to predict what has been able to happen over the last few years; what are the philosophical foundations in Atlas that can help us move forward and move in the right direction?" Yaron Brook

Mar 1, 2011 4min
Obama in Egypt Appeasing Radical Islam? Yaron Brook Weighs In

Middle East Update

Joe Hicks, Yaron Brook, Middle East Update ]

Jun 5, 2009 22min
Driven to Fail? Unions, Electric Cars and the U.S. Auto Industry

Front Page with Allen Barton

Detroit is making better cars, but does this mean that the auto industry is thriving?

Jan 15, 2011 15min
PJTV REPORT: Democrats Revolt -- for Increased Taxes; Plus Xmas Tree Bomber, and Newt's Harsh Words

PJTV Special

House Democrats reject Obama's compromise on extending Bush tax cuts, threatening to unleash sharp new taxes and further derail the economy.

Dec 10, 2010 8min
Race & Politics: The President Wants HealthCare Reform, But the Media Wants A Feeding Frenzy

Economy and Financial Review

Joe Hicks, Allen Barton, Economy/Financial Shows, Yaron Brook, Terry Jones ]

Jul 24, 2009 20min