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Deadly Attacks in Norway. Is Terrorism the Price the West Must Pay For Its Freedoms?

PJTV Special


Jul 22, 2011 7min
Loose Nukes and Atomic Nuts: What Are the Biggest Threats to the US? (Members Only)

National Security Review

"They could possibly produce an electromagnetic pulse attack. That's when you shoot one missile with one nuclear warhead high, up about 40,000 feet into the atmosphere...you'd kill no one immediately but you would knock out...the electric grid." -- Cliff May 

Jun 3, 2011 7min
Nuclear Insecurity: If You Think Jihadists Are Bad Now...

National Security Review

"Pakistan has nuclear weapons, is building more nuclear weapons and could be a Jihadi state tomorrow conceivably." - Cliff May

Jun 2, 2011 8min
GITMO 101: The Truth about Guantanamo Bay

National Security Review

"The misconceptions of what the detention camp is at Guantanamo Bay are as varied and intricate as the security measures there. " -- Bill Whittle 

Apr 12, 2011 7min
No Peace in the Middle East; Did Obama Drop the Ball in Egypt?

National Security Review

"The Obama Administration has been flailing about…This would be a challenging moment…for any President, but it is more challenging for Obama… Because Obama did not respond to the 2009 uprising of the Green movement in Iran, it is hard for him to do it here…" -- Cliff May

Feb 9, 2011 10min
WikiLeaks is Bad, but Is It Treason?

National Security Review

Cliff May and Austin Bay join Alexis Garcia to discuss WikiLeaks. If Julian Assange is Australian, can the United States charge him with treason? Should the First Amendment apply to him? Find out.  

Dec 29, 2010 12min
Peace in the East? North Korea Continues Its Saber Rattling

National Security Review

North Korea is undergoing a change in power, at the same time that it is rattling its saber at the west. Why isn't China stepping in to tame its noisy neighbor? Find out as Cliff May, Austin Bay and Alexis Garcia take a close look at North Korea.

Dec 23, 2010 8min
EURO-TERROR: The Truth About New Terror Plots

National Security Review

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross from FDD talks with Cliff May about the European terror plots.

Oct 27, 2010 11min
Can We Stop Stop Local and Global Jihad?

National Security Review

Can the U.S. and Europe stop the threat of Al Qaeda & Taliban terror? Find out as Cliff May talks to Thomas Joscelyn about the threat of terrorism in the United States and abroad. 

Oct 23, 2010 11min
Talking Turkey: Do Turkish Elections Signal A Drift Towards an Islamic State?

National Security Review

Turkish citizens voted on whether to amend their constitution. Will Turkey retain a secular political culture or move closer towards an Islamic state? Is there reason to worry? Austin Bay and Cliff May discuss with Bill Whittle on this edition of NSR. 

Sep 14, 2010 13min