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Turkey Still Targeting Israel & Mahmoud Abbas Goes to Washington

National Security Review

 Can $400 million buy peace in the Middle East?  Should Turkey be kicked out of NATO? Both these questions are on the table on this week's National Security Review.

Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay all weigh in on the complicated--impossible?--question of peace in the Middle East as President Obama hosts Palestinian President Abbas in DC and Turkey continues its high-profile skewering of Israel.


Jun 11, 2010 15min
First Anniversary of Fraud: Iran's Green Movement One Year Later

National Security Review

In today's NSR, Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay take a look at Iran's Green Movement one year later.  Tehrans' streets may be quieter these days, absent throngs of protestors and Iranian regime thugs, but does that mean it's no longer a threat?  And what are the differences between today's Green Movement and the Iranian Revolution of 1979?

All this, and more, is covered in this NSR special.

Jun 10, 2010 13min
Turkey Plays "9/11 Card," Shows Its True Hand in Flotilla Controversy

National Security Review

When the Turkish Foreign Minister calls the Israeli flotilla raid its 9/11, it's time to start asking questions.  Is the deadly raid of a supposedly humanitarian aid ship a despicable display of force by an out-of-control Israel, or a brilliant PR ploy by Iran and its ally Turkey?  

In today's NSR, Bill Whittle is joined by Cliff May and Jonathan Schanzer and they cut through the sensational headlines to explain the real outrage of the "Freedom Flotilla." Watch & Comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3683


Jun 2, 2010 13min
Clash of Koreas: Is It Time to Torpedo Diplomacy?

National Security Review

  Batten the hatches, because this week's NSR covers a lot of ground.  Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay talk Turkey about, well, Turkey.  Why is our supposed ally making deals with Iran and Brazil?

Plus, Cliff May is back from a trip to Kurdistan and has tales of Cadillac dealerships and friendly encounters.

And the gang weighs in on volatile North Korea.  How ugly can things get?  No one knows for sure, but it might be time to do away with the facade of diplomacy.

For more on these stories, watch now.


May 27, 2010 23min
From the World Trade Center to Times Square: Do We Understand Our Enemy?

PJTV Daily

Cliff May, President for Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins us to evaluate what could have happened if the NYC car bomb exploded. And, what lessons were learned from this averted crisis.

Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3502

PJTV Daily Show, Ron Brosh, Cliff May ]

May 4, 2010 7min
But Can Obama Reduce The Nukes That Threaten Us Most?

National Security Review

OK, great – Russia’s going to reduce their nuclear stockpiles (if America does too). But what about North Korea and Iran – our most hostile and confrontational foes? Is Obama’s nuclear policy incoherent? Is it enough? Can it keep us safe? Watch Bill Whittle’s latest National Security Review and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3457

Austin Bay, Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Apr 23, 2010 15min
Pacifist Policy: Read Obama’s Lips, No New Nukes

National Security Review

This week on NSR Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay focus on Obama's nuclear ambition. Is the president playing "Extreme Makeover" with our national security? Will Obama's attempt to burnish the American brand actually make us less safe? Plus, Hamid Karzai's hissy fit. What's behind his supposed desire to join the Taliban? Watch the latest National Security Review and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3346

Austin Bay, Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Apr 8, 2010 13min
The Feminine Side of Terror: Profiling Female Suicide Bombers

National Security Review

Are the Moscow subway bombings isolated incidents, or is this a growing trend? Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay take a look at the rise of female suicide bombers. Plus - Obama vs Obama: has the president learned that being a Campaigner in Chief is much easier than being a Commander in Chief? What happened to Obama's he campaigner vow to be out of Iraq by summer of 2010? Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3321

Austin Bay, Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Mar 31, 2010 14min
Overblown: The Obama Administration’s Naive Outrage At Israel

National Security Review

On the latest diplomatic dust-up between the U.S. and Israel, Bill Whittle talks to FDD's Cliff May and Jonathan Schanzer, author of the book "Hamas Vs. Fatah: The Struggle for Palestine".  Even if the Obama administration is able to restore its relationship with Israel, will it be able to help Israel and Palestine form a two-state solution? Watch the latest National Security Review and comment here:http://pjtv.com/v/3261

Jonathan Schanzer, Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Mar 19, 2010 18min
Wake-Up Crash: Why A Cyber Pearl Harbor Might Help Us Before It’s Too Late

National Security Review

At the dawn of the netwar era, who are the good guys and bad guys? Cliff May joins Joseph Menn, cybersecurity correspondent for the Financial Times, to decrypt the truth about what Russia, China, and Iran are doing to challenge America in the digital age. Watch the latest National Security Review with Bill Whittle and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3158

Cliff May, Bill Whittle, National Security Review ]

Feb 26, 2010 16min