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The Boston Marathon Terror Attack: Were the Media Images Too Graphic? (Members Only)


"We need to see this to know the nature of the enemy" -- Scott Ott

Apr 19, 2013 5min
WikiLeaks is Bad, but Is It Treason?

National Security Review

Cliff May and Austin Bay join Alexis Garcia to discuss WikiLeaks. If Julian Assange is Australian, can the United States charge him with treason? Should the First Amendment apply to him? Find out.  

Dec 29, 2010 12min
Peace in the East? North Korea Continues Its Saber Rattling

National Security Review

North Korea is undergoing a change in power, at the same time that it is rattling its saber at the west. Why isn't China stepping in to tame its noisy neighbor? Find out as Cliff May, Austin Bay and Alexis Garcia take a close look at North Korea.

Dec 23, 2010 8min
UT Austin Shooting Highlights Need for Students to Protect One Another

PJTV Special

What can we do to protect our campuses?  In the wake of Tuesday's shooting at the University of Texas at Austin, Brandi Milloy talks to adjunct professor Colonel Austin Bay about practical ways to handle campus shooters, and what school officials could do to identify troubled, dangerous students.

Sep 28, 2010 7min
Talking Turkey: Do Turkish Elections Signal A Drift Towards an Islamic State?

National Security Review

Turkish citizens voted on whether to amend their constitution. Will Turkey retain a secular political culture or move closer towards an Islamic state? Is there reason to worry? Austin Bay and Cliff May discuss with Bill Whittle on this edition of NSR. 

Sep 14, 2010 13min
Nine Years Later: What Lessons Have We Learned from 9/11?

National Security Review

What lessons have we learned--or not learned--nine years after the attacks of 9/11?  

Sep 9, 2010 16min
'V' IS FOR 'VAPID' Obama & the End of Combat Operations in Iraq

National Security Review

Austin Bay and Jonathan Schanzer talk with Bill Whittle about Obama's vapid, conflicted speech about the end of combat operations in Iraq. Will our enemies see an American victory or sad defeat?  

Sep 2, 2010 10min
Chasing Unicorns: Can the Obama Administration Broker Peace with Israel and Palestine?

National Security Review

 Thursday marks the launch of face to face peace talks between Israel and Palestine, and the Obama administration is hopeful to broker an agreement within a year.  

Sep 2, 2010 9min
A Brittle Truce: Can Israel and Lebanon Avoid War?

National Security Review

On this week's National Security Review, Bill Whittle, Cliff May and Austin Bay take an in-depth look at the deadly flare-up between Israel and Lebanon.

Aug 10, 2010 20min
Our Intelligence Bureaucracy, Our Military Plan for Iran and More of Your Questions (Members Only)

National Security Review

Are the CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest of America's Intel community working better together? Do we have a plan to attack Iran if the Middle East heats up? Tune in for more questions like these from PJTV's members.

Aug 3, 2010 13min