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Week in Blogs: The Coolest Thing Ever-- A Machete Shooting Crossbow. Plus, Rachel Maddow Loves Mr. T


"That's right, 'The A-Team' drove Rachel Maddow insane." -- Steve Green


Apr 2, 2011 4min
Be All You Can Be: Trifecta Wants You To Join the Military. Hooah.


"I hope employers across the country realize that the caliber of the men and women that you are getting who are coming out the United States military, far exceed the run of the mill; far exceed what is coming out of our universities certainly." -- Scott Ott

Mar 31, 2011 11min
No-Victory Zone: Gaddafi Has Libyan Rebels in Retreat. Plus, Andrew Breitbart on Default Liberalism

PJTV Report

"Of course it means that we are going to get more engaged. Everything Obama said in his Monday night address is a complete and total lie." -- Tony Katz on situation in Libya


Mar 30, 2011 10min
Hinckley To Walk Free? Plus, Homegrown Light Bulbs and Closeted Journalism (Members Only)


"As long as there is a free breathing patriot in the United States of America, we will never say goodbye to the incandescent lightbulb." -- Scott Ott 

Mar 30, 2011 8min
Triumph of the Ill: Sad Iranian Film Pushes for Global Islamic Rule


"You can't help but look at this without thinking of old Road Runner episodes-- 'That Jihadist is really a crazy clown.'" Scott Ott  

Mar 30, 2011 10min
The President's Speech: The Obama Doctrine, the Bush Doctrine & the Reality in Libya


"...have you ever heard a bolder proclamation of -- you know -- the Bush doctrine?" -- Scott Ott 

Mar 29, 2011 10min
War in Libya: Analysis of Obama's Address to the Nation

PJTV Special

 Tony Katz hosts Stephen Green, Joe Hicks and Bryan Preston to analyze the President's address on Libya. If you're a friend of freedom, is Obama's America really your friend? 

Mar 28, 2011 30min
Hair of the Dog: All Obama Is Saying, Is Give The Libyan War A Chance


"Libya, oh Libya, oh have you bombed Libya, oh Libya the desert country." -- Steve Green

Mar 28, 2011 5min
Week in Blogs-- Ultimate War Crime: Dropping ObamaCare on Libya. Plus, Tough Week in Japan


"Americans have stopped, literally stopped, buying our own debt from Washington. How long is it going to be before everyone else stops as well?" -- Steve Green

Mar 26, 2011 5min
No Joke: Did You Hear the One about the One-Legged Wrestler? Anthony Robles Best in NCAA


"What's remarkable about this fellow is he shows us this is never about your physical capabilities ... It's about your will and your character." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 24, 2011 10min