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Obama Supporters Would Rather Talk about the 2002 Olympics than Jobs (Members Only)


"This is just another sidetrack to not talk about the economy" -- Stephen Green 

Jul 27, 2012 3min
A Dramatic Reading: DNC Communication Director's Gibberish-Laced Memo Read by Stephen Green

PJTV Special

"And of course, he would have let Detroit go bankrupt" -- Stephen Green

Jul 26, 2012 4min
Families v. Government Programs: Which Plays a Bigger Role in Individual Achievement?


"The cream rises to the top" -- Stephen Green

Jul 26, 2012 9min
Shocker: House Democrats Refuse to Pay their Fair Share


"You can't argue with math" -- Stephen Green


Jul 25, 2012 8min
More MSM Lies: ABC Falsely Blames Tea Party for Batman Shooting Rampage


"All of these people were leftists" -- Bill Whittle

Jul 24, 2012 8min
The Week in Blogs: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Heckled. Plus, Hot Israeli Soldiers in Bikinis!


"His dad's a cyborg, and his best friend, a robot!" -- Stephen Green 

Jul 21, 2012 5min
Too Many Teachers? School Staffing Explodes as Students Stagnate (Members Only)


"You want to improve American schools, fire the bad teachers" -- Bill Whittle 

Jul 21, 2012 5min
Romney's Bane: Does the New Batman Movie Malign Mitt Romney and Bain Capital? (Members Only)


"That sounds like outsourcing to me" -- Bill Whittle

Jul 20, 2012 5min
Here Comes the Divide: Marriage Determines Success, Not Government or Taxes


"That place is the absence of fathers. You take that father out of the home… that kick out the chain reaction" -- Stephen Green

Jul 19, 2012 8min
Obama Campaign Stalls As Auto Bailout Looms


"Government is not good at producing things. The Malibu is the kind of car you'd expect the Post Office to create." - Scott Ott

Jul 18, 2012 7min