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No Joke: Did You Hear the One about the One-Legged Wrestler? Anthony Robles Best in NCAA


"What's remarkable about this fellow is he shows us this is never about your physical capabilities ... It's about your will and your character." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 24, 2011 10min
Obama's America: Kill Teams, Deficits, Hobbits & Failed Citizenship Tests (Members Only)


"But if this is proven to be true, we need to lean on these men who murdered those civilians as hard as we have leaned on anyone in the history of this country, because of the decency of the rest of the fighting forces." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 23, 2011 9min
The Tyranny of ObamaCare: Trifecta Fights Back On One Year Anniversary


"The government is going to force you to buy something you don't want...Wrong. They don't have the authority." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 23, 2011 10min
Should He Stay or Should He Go? Obama Sets Unclear Goals Regarding Gaddafi


"President GW Bush went to the UN multiple times, and got authorization from Congress before the Iraq War -- and it took months.  Hillary Clinton spent a couple hours at the UN and, boom, suddenly we're at war." -- Steve Green 

Mar 22, 2011 12min
U.S. Goes to War While Obama Plays Footy In Brazil


"We got your hope and change in B-2 sorties baby!" -- Stephen Green

Mar 21, 2011 5min
The World Can Wait: Obama Saves Crisis Management for 19th Hole


"This is amateur footage of the moment the tsunami hit Japan. This thing literally is a wall of water. It is 30 feet high. Just watch that move in. Just devastating." -- Steve Green 

Mar 19, 2011 5min
Japan, Libya & Our Economy Are In Ruins: It It Time for Obama to Put Down the Golf Clubs?

PJTV Report

"I think the President has his priorities entirely in order: he spent about a month playing golf during his presidency, and he has spent a lot of time doing some TV to fill out NCAA brackets while one of our major allies gets the Godzilla treatment." – Bryan Preston 

Mar 17, 2011 9min
Jihad Couture: Al Qaeda Launches Fashion Mag. Plus, Japan, Obama, Walker & Monica (Members Only)


"The President is no where to be found. He's utterly terrified of leading on any issue. He didn't lead on Obamacare. He didn't lead on the budget. He let Pelosi and Reid handle all of this stuff." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 17, 2011 8min
Keep Your Laws Off My Schooling: Trifecta Embraces the Pro-Choice Education Agenda


"If parents are able to have a choice and pick a winning school instead of a loser, then absolutely they should get support from their district or state." -- Steve Green


Mar 17, 2011 10min
Have Dems Done More Damage to Detroit Than the A-Bomb Did to Hiroshima?


"Detroit is the poster child for mismanagement and the primary thing in this legislation is that it allows the governor to go in and say: 'all these contracts that you have, that are bleeding you dry...done.' We are going to start from scratch; we're going to start with a clean slate. I'm completely in favor of this." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 16, 2011 9min