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Happy Birthday Rush! The Trifecta Team Loves Limbaugh (Perhaps a Bit Too Much?)


The Trifecta gang loves Rush Limbaugh, and they are not afraid to croon about their favorite conservative.

Jan 12, 2011 8min
Happy New Year! There are 40,000 New Laws in 2012


"Thou shall maketh no more laws. Let it be written." -- Scott Ott

Jan 5, 2012 5min
Harry Reid's Plan to Underfund Social Security and Create a GOP Senate Majority


"Congress will have to jack up taxes or borrow more money" -- Scott Ott


Nov 30, 2011 7min
Harsh Medicine: Spanked On Healthcare? Now What?


From local races and state sovereignty to the Republicans’ new legislative strategy, VodkaPundit Stephen Green joins Scott Ott and Dana Loesch for a health care hangover on Trifecta. Watch the latest Trifecta and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3279

Scott Ott, Trifecta, Dana Loesch, Stephen Green Vodkapundit ]

Mar 23, 2010 9min
Harvard Professor Tells Youth to Hop Off the Obama Bandwagon


"Ronald Reagan did even better with people [age] 18 to 29" -- Stephen Green

Jun 21, 2012 6min
Has GOP Compromised Enough Already? Should It Bend So It Won't Break?


“You start to compromise on principle and you’ve got nothing left. You might as well switch your affiliation and do what the other guy wants.” —Scott Ott

Jul 26, 2014 5min
Has the GOP Lost Latino Voters? (Members Only)


"We are already wearing the ruby slippers" -- Scott Ott 

Aug 18, 2012 6min
Has the GOP Seen Plenty of Pawlenty? Will Perry Pick Up the Pieces?


"Sarah Palin has more ability to keep Perry on the sidelines and out of the race than Pawlenty." -- Tony Katz

Jun 16, 2011 8min
Have Dems Done More Damage to Detroit Than the A-Bomb Did to Hiroshima?


"Detroit is the poster child for mismanagement and the primary thing in this legislation is that it allows the governor to go in and say: 'all these contracts that you have, that are bleeding you dry...done.' We are going to start from scratch; we're going to start with a clean slate. I'm completely in favor of this." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 16, 2011 9min
Hello American Renaissance, Goodbye Obama Goat Rodeo


"Obama was their unicorn, he was their once in eternity chance to show that progressive ideas, progressive policies really work" -- Scott Ott

Oct 6, 2011 7min