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Everything You Wanted to Know About Job Creation (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)


"I think the best thing we could do...is go to a fair tax" -- Stephen Green

Sep 6, 2011 7min
Conservative 2012 Showdown? Bachmann 'Ames' to Please, as Perry Aims for GOP Nomination


"Between Perry and Bachmann you are really enjoying an embarrassment of riches" -- Stephen Green

Aug 16, 2011 9min
Great Right Hope? Trifecta Looks at Texas Governor Rick Perry


"Rick Perry looks like the president...he actually looks more like the central casting president than Mitt Romney."-- Bill Whittle

Jun 22, 2011 10min
The Little Red Bus Tour: The Commies Are Busing Reds Across America


"We are the first people to have in history to have fat poor people. That is a result of how much prosperity the United States generates." -- Bill Whittle

Feb 14, 2011 9min
Third Time's A Charm: Obama Unveils New Economic Chair But Can Krueger Create Jobs?


"The professor President who has destroyed the largest wealth creation engine in history...has now hired for the third time another idiot." -- Bill Whittle

Aug 30, 2011 6min
Core Reactions: Trifecta Goes Bananas over Nuclear Fear and Atomic Misunderstanding


"You should be aware that the news has just reported that radiation levels in Denver have risen to three times what there are here in Los Angeles! Not because of any radioactive plume from 5,000 miles away, but because of all of the radon in the granite and the fact that you have significantly less atmosphere above you then we sea-level dweller. It's been that way for millions of years." -- Bill Whittle 

Mar 15, 2011 12min
Downgrading Obama: When In Doubt About Debt, Blame Bush, Blame the Rich, and Avoid Responsibility


"Do you understand, ladies and gentlemen, that this man thinks that the money you earn is his, and he decides how much you get to keep?!?" -- Scott Ott 

Jul 26, 2011 10min
Obama's Oil Slick Shtick: What Will He Tell America?


  President Obama will address the nation on the oil spill disaster.  Find out what he's going to say before he even says it by watching today's Trifecta.

Nostradamus ain't got nothing on Green, Ott or Whittle. 

Jun 15, 2010 8min
PJTV Person of the Year Nominations: Viewer Input Needed


Viewers, please leave your nominations in the comments section.

Dec 11, 2010 3min
Post-9/11 America: The Great Untold Success of The War on Terror


"The great untold story in the War on Terror is the number of al Qaeda jihadis that were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq" -- Bill Whittle 

Sep 8, 2011 7min