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Why Roger & Lionel Are Among the Few Who Didn't Like 'Zero Dark Thirty'


"I didn't know what the hell was going on for 90 percent of this movie" -- Roger L. Simon

Dec 28, 2012 7min
The Coarsening Culture: Does Hollywood Need to Rethink Its Relationship to Violence?


"We have a ratings system where if you show a breast, you get an R. Kill five people with an assault rifle in the title sequence, that's a PG-13." - Lionel Chetwynd 

Dec 21, 2012 7min
Quelle Horreur! Poliwood Takes on Cannes, Kathryn Bigelow and Aaron Sorkin


"She's actually had a member of SEAL Team 6 on her set. I've never heard of that. He's serving military. He can only be there if he's under orders." - Lionel Chetwynd on Kathryn Bigelow

Jun 1, 2012 8min
Oliver Stone's Ahistorical History Tarnishes Showtime and CBS


 "It's really an outrage that a mainstream network owned by CBS can even broadcast this tripe. It's so outrageous it's mindblowing." - Ron Radosh

Dec 8, 2012 15min
Geezers Got Game: From "Hyde Park on the Hudson" to Roger's Own Play "The Party Line"


"It roams like a drone flying over the history of the time and later generations...It's somewhere between a film and a play and it's extraordinary reading." - Lionel Chetwnd on "The Party Line" 

Dec 15, 2012 12min