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Liberal/Tarian Face-Off: VodkaPundit vs. Will Wilkinson


PJTV Daily Show, Vodkapundit ]

Mar 3, 2009 25min
The GOP and the Last Crusade: Starring Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul

PJTV Special

"Go get a job right after you take a bath" -- Newt Gingrich


Dec 20, 2011 3min
TWIB: Super MariObama, Olbermann Exposes Seal Team Six and There's a Pole Dancing Championship?


"Dick Cheney would've put up the picture. He would've put it up on the moon." - Steve Green

May 5, 2011 4min
VodkaPundit's Week in Blogs: They're Coming For Your Guns & Sotomayor Takes on a Teen Blogger


Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Vodkapundit ]

May 29, 2009 3min
A Comprehensive List of ObamaCare's Tax Hikes in Six Breaths or less, Plus Chinese Superiority


Can he do it? Can Stephen Green list all of the tax hikes in ObamaCare in just one breath? Probably not, but watch him try.

Jan 20, 2011 5min
Blonde Ukrainian Nurses and Bare Naked Muslims


"41% of Americans are clinically insane. Look at that. It used to be higher." -- Steve Green

Apr 30, 2011 4min
Hair of the Dog: Extra, Extra, Read All About It: Kim Jong Il Is Getting Older Every Single Day!


There was a whole lot of shaking going on during Mark Kirk's (R-IL) weekend television appearance. Bob Woodruff uncovered some real scoops on Kim Jong Il and North Korea. Rep. Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) revealed some surprising numbers on the deficit and job creation. Plus, hear Rep. Cantor sing the sounds of silence on national television. 

Oct 11, 2010 4min
The Week in Blogs: Can Jon Stewart Restore Sanity? Plus, Partisan Poodles & Neutered Cats


Lot's of poop, and Obama too. 

Oct 30, 2010 4min
The Week in Blogs: Union Thugs v. Palin, Plus Pot & Hookers Can Save Detroit


"Detroit is thinking itself more attractive by legalizing hookers and pot. You know if they really want to bring in prostitution and fuzzy thinking they could just move in the capital from Lansing." -- Steve Green  

Apr 23, 2011 5min
There Are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid TV Hosts; Plus, Newt Calls Obama Dangerous


How many times do you have to tell Meet the Press that you aren't going to negotiate with the President on NBC? Plus, Newt Gingrich comes out swinging against President Obama. Hear more about John Kerry, David Brooks, Christiane Amanpour, Kent Conrad (D-ND), the Deficit Commission and more on this week's Hair of the Dog with Steve Green.  

Dec 6, 2010 6min