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Whittle/Ott/Green: Is Smart Diplomacy a Stupid Idea for Our National Interests?


Scott Ott, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Trifecta, Vodkapundit, Bill Whittle ]

Jul 28, 2009 7min
Week in Blogs: If Only We Treated Obama The Way The Left Treated Cheney


"I'm on enough dayquil right now to put Charlie Sheen down" -- Steve Green

Mar 24, 2012 5min
THE WEEK IN BLOGS: Why is Charlie Crist Smiling? And Who Thought They Were Saving a Whale?


If you've got four minutes, Vodkapundit Stephen Green has the top ten blog items of the week.  This week: What's Charlie Crist smiling at? Also, a thousand dollar bottle of seawater, Al Gore gets compared to a mammal, and Democrats finally manage to create a color-blind society.  Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3769 

Jun 20, 2010 4min
Tears of a Perverted Clown: Anthony Weiner Cries In Front of Nation (Members Only)


"Now he's a pervert and a liar." -- Bill Whittle on Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) 

Jun 7, 2011 7min
SEAL Team Six Down: America Loses Some of Its Bravest and Best Trained Warriors


"We lost some of the best trained people in the world." -- Scott Ott

Aug 9, 2011 9min
President Keyser Soze? Liberals Want Obama to Scare the Tea Party


"Barack Obama is not Keyser Soze. Barack Obama is Verbal Kint." -- Bill Whittle

Aug 11, 2011 9min
Pennywise, Dollar Smart: Can the Mack Penny Plan Balance the Budget?


"They should call it the Mack Daddy plan because it kicks butt." -- Bill Whittle

Aug 10, 2011 11min
Occupy Obama? Right Wing Obama Supporters Take Over the Occupy Wall Street Movement


"I don't think anyone wants to excrete bodily essences onto their squad cars" -- Scott Ott

Apr 17, 2012 7min
Obama's Economic Recovery Summer, Part II: The Wrath Of Keynes!


"People don't know anything about Keynesian economics." -- Scott Ott 

Jun 7, 2011 10min
Meet the Blogs: Was This the Change You Believed In?

Meet the Blogs

Scott Ott, Andrew Ian Dodge, Meet the Blogs, Stephen Green Vodkapundit, Bill Whittle, Vodkapundit ]

Jul 6, 2009 16min