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Rile on the Nile & the Future of Obamacare

PJTV Report

"Judge Vinson went all in on his ruling on Obamacare... not only did he find that the mandate was unconstitutional, he also ruled that if the mandate went down, the whole bill went down with it.  That's a pretty big deal." -- Glenn Reynolds

Feb 2, 2011 7min
Glenn Reynolds & Mussolini: Filthy Lie or Fantastical Fact? (Members Only Private Forum)

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

The InstaInquisition is on! You, our PJTV viewers, submitted the questions we've all wanted to know about the Instapundit himself... Mr. Glenn Reynolds. Did he influence Mussolini? Does he hate puppies? Find out.

Watch and comment: http://pjtv.com/v/3730

Jun 9, 2010 15min
PJTV REPORT: ObamaCare Unconstitutional - But Will That Stop It? Plus No Guns and NoLabels.org

PJTV Special

Can the government force you to buy health insurance?  A Federal court says no.  But will that stop Obamacare?


Dec 15, 2010 6min
PJTV REPORT: Rats Are Jumping From One Ship While WikiLeaks May Sink Another

PJTV Special

Who's minding the Wikileaks?  Plus Scott Ott on turncoat GOP senators, Glenn Reynolds on Internet privacy, and a homage to (conservative) actor Robert Duvall...

Nov 30, 2010 9min
Reacting to Japan's Reactors: Really Another Chernobyl? Plus, Joel Kotkin on Obama's Train Obsession

PJTV Report

"Of all the things that President Obama has pushed, high speed rail is the single most insane priority." -- Joel Kotkin

Mar 15, 2011 10min
Wham Bam, Obama Gets Slammed. Obama Takes Hit after Hit from Mitt Romney in First Debate

PJTV Special

"He has no record to defend." -- Glenn Reynolds

Oct 4, 2012 36min