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Trifecta: Bill Returns to Gitmo and Answers Your Questions


What did you do for Memorial Day? Well, Bill Whittle went back to Guantanamo Bay. Join Stephen Green and Scott Ott as they ask Bill Whittle to share his favorite Gitmo moments. And, if you have any question about Guantamo Bay or what Bill experienced while there, just hit the comment section and ask what you want to know. Deadline is 12:00pm Monday. Watch the Members Only Private Forum on Tuesday, June 8th. 


Watch and comment: and comment:

Jun 2, 2010 12min
Leaving Al Gore

Klavan on Culture

 Love a good sequel? Then get ready for An Inconvenient Truth 2: This Time It's Personal. Andrew Klavan has the inside story on the Gore's break up. Klavan's sources are as impeccable as the scientific basis of global warming. Watch & comment here:

Jun 24, 2010 4min
Election Day Roundtable: What's Next for America?

PJTV Special

"The mainstream media has plunged a dagger into its heart" -- Andrew Klavan

Nov 6, 2012 83min