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How Did Sharknado Get Made??? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

The TV movie, Sharknado is all the rage right now, but one of our members thinks there's something fishy about how an obviously crappy project got made.

Aug 24, 2015 6min
How Do We Convince People That They Are Not Victims Because of Race & Gender? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"What...the left is saying: 'Be a victim and get something.'" - Andrew Klavan

May 12, 2014 11min
fda-logo How Far Should the Government Go to Keep You Healthy? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Helmet laws, the FAA, FDA, anti-smoking campaigns, insurance, seatbelt laws, speed limits... how much should the government do to try to keep us healthy?

Aug 26, 2015 9min
How to Fight Leftist School Bias (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle examine how a student can stand up to their liberal teachers, and speak out against leftist school bias.

Jun 24, 2015 6min
Hugh Hefner: Libertarian or Libertine? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Boozey, womanizing, but also suave? Is it possible that Hugh Hefner was the original libertarian? Check out Klavan and Whittle's answers.

Jul 8, 2015 9min
If American is a Center-Right Country, Why is the Left So Powerful? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"Everybody believes we need small govt., except when it comes to them. It's almost impossible to pry free dollars out of your cold dead hands." -- Klavan

Jul 21, 2014 7min
If We Survive: Andrew Klavan's New Novel Pits Justice and Courage Against an Imperfect Culture

PJTV Special

"There is no question that there have been injustices in this country" -- Andrew Klavan

Nov 28, 2012 12min
Is Altruism Immoral? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"There's certainly no greater calling than serving your country if you can make 30 or 40 million dollars off of it." - Bill Whittle

Jul 16, 2014 6min
Is America Exceptional? If So, How? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

“A country that's based on an idea is beautiful because anyone can become a part of it just by accepting the idea, but it's also very fragile.” — Andrew Klavan

Jul 23, 2014 6min
Is Equality Only Possible Through Oppression? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"It's always going to be oppression at the top" -- Andrew Klavan

Jul 10, 2014 5min