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Why Arab Sheiks Need Palestinian Refugees & Western Leftists Need Both (Pt. 4/4)

The Future of the Middle East

Do Leftists need radical Islam to bloody us overseas, and jihadis need Leftists to demoralize us at home? Shouldn’t rich Arabs help Palestinian refugees?

Dec 23, 2014 20min
Is "Radical Islam" Merely Islam, and "Moderate Muslim" Just Apostate? (Pt. 3/4)

The Future of the Middle East

Radical Muslim jihadis explode in the headlines, but does “moderate" better describe most Muslims. Why don’t we see them? Who, or what, are we fighting?

Dec 17, 2014 21min
Hating Israel: Is the Jewish State the Region's Bane, or its Blessing? (Pt. 1/4)

The Future of the Middle East

In Israel, a state unique in the passions it stirs, lies the destiny of the region. The Future of the Middle East (Pt. 1 of 4) probes conventional wisdom.

Dec 3, 2014 22min
PJTV REPORT: Thank God for Good Ideas: Blow Up the Tax Code, Send Liberals Back to Harvard

PJTV Special

  Nov 22, 2010 7min