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long-distance-relationship-small Will My Long-Distance Relationship Work Out? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

In the latest edition of Dear Abby... I mean Klavan & Whittle, a young buck writes in to ask if his long-distance relationship will work out...

Dec 14, 2015 8min
Will Freedom Win? Or Are America's Last Days Coming? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Are these America’s last days? Andrew and Bill get this question a lot, but does the question even matter?

Dec 1, 2014 6min
woman-praying Why We Can't Prove God Exists (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Can there be proof for our faith? Andrew Klavan explains why, even for Christians, that cannot be. Check out this metaphysical episode of Klavan & Whittle!

Feb 17, 2016 10min
gone-with-the-wind-small Why Screenwriting Sucks Now (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Two screenwriters answer why film screenwriting now sucks-- Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle break it down for you.

Aug 10, 2015 7min
rich-man Why Most Ultra-Wealthy People Are Leftists (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Asked how the capitalism of today differs from the capitalism of our nation's founding, Klavan & Whittle discuss the face of wealth in today's society.

Jan 11, 2016 12min
jesus-cross Why is God Unable to Forgive Sins Without Jesus Dying?

Klavan & Whittle

God isn't unable to do anything... But the question elicits some fascinating Klavan & Whittle theology... Don't miss it!

Sep 21, 2015 8min
obama-happy Why Humility is Important When Telling the Truth

Klavan & Whittle

Bill Whittle says he's the humble-est person on the planet, and even has awards that prove it! But really, he and Andrew Klavan highlight the need for modesty.

Dec 23, 2015 10min
hillary-clinton-benghazi-small Why Do Politicians Lie? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Politicians on both sides tell easy-to-factcheck blatant lies... Do they actually think they'll get away with it? Check out this Klavan & Whittle!

Nov 16, 2015 0min
Whose Hetero Relationship is Damaged When 2 Gays Marry? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

When 2 gay people get married, whose heterosexual relationship does it damage? Klavan responds to the tone just as much as the content of the question...

Jun 8, 2015 8min
Whittle/Klavan: Crossing the Line With Comedy and the Death of Gotcha Culture (Members Only)

PJTV Special


May 13, 2011 5min