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Which Side Are You On? Unions, Wisconsin & Collective Bargaining

Next Gen Startups

"Here we have a President who hasn't have the courage to tackle entitlement programs at the national level...but has the audacity to tell a sitting governor that he should also display a lack of courage…" Joe Hicks

Feb 26, 2011 10min
Andrew McCarthy: "I Don't Worry About Egypt Tomorrow, I Worry About It 3 Years From Now"

CPAC 2011

"It is inevitable... that the Muslim Brotherhood will have a seat at the table in whatever successor regime that comes behind Mubarak." -- Andrew McCarthy 

Feb 12, 2011 10min
Faltered States: Is There Any Hope for California, New York, and New Jersey?

The Hicks File

California is a failed state. New York, New Jersey are in jeopardy too. Are political insiders destroying America for their own benefit?  

Nov 1, 2010 11min
Michael Ledeen Presents: Espionage, Intrigue & Iran

Faster, Please!

Michael Ledeen, Foundation for Defense of Democracies ]

Aug 31, 2009 10min
Panetta and Petraeus Get New Jobs: Will the Latest White House Shake Up Make America Safer?

National Security Review

"I think he will encourage dissenting voices internal to the administration. He has a very good reputation for listening to people who are doing the work, instead of allowing the information to be filtered up to him, and I think that will be good for the administration." Kori Schake on Gen. David Petraeus' appointment to Director of CIA

May 11, 2011 13min
PART 5: The High Cost of Free Healthcare, NCPA.org's John Goodman Joins Glenn & Reps. Cantor & Price

PJTV Healthcare Forum

Glenn Reynolds, National Center for Policy Analysis NCPA ]

Jul 27, 2009 8min
Smart Girl Summit: Jaime Radtke on Debt Threat -- When You're In a Hole, You Stop Digging

PJTV Special

"When you're in hole you stop digging" -- U.S. Senate Candidate Jaime Radtke

Aug 3, 2011 4min
Smart Girl Summit: Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Kleefisch Talks about Taking on the Public Unions And Winning

PJTV Special

"...the taxpayers elected our Republican majorities and our governor to balance the budget without raising taxes." -- Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

Aug 3, 2011 7min
Uncommon Knowledge: Arab Spring: Can Middle East Countries Become Western Style Democracies?

PJTV Special

"These were kleptocracies...where the rulers were bandits" --Fouad Ajami

Aug 1, 2012 69min
Uncommon Knowledge: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on the Rule of Law

PJTV Special

"The living Constitution…is much more attractive to academics than it is to judges."  -- Justice Antonin Scalia

Oct 31, 2012 49min