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Upstate NY Explained: Tea Party Organizer Gives Details of Dem Congressional Victory

PJTV Special

"We're not wealthy people. We're just trying to make it so that when our kids grow up and our grandkids, they're not paying for all the mistakes that this government is making right now." -- Paul Rusin 

May 27, 2011 14min
Witch Hunt: Will Leftists in the U.S. Try to Use News Corp Scandal to Take Down Fox News?

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"Knowing the vitriolic rage that exists in many regarding Fox News, isn't there going to be and haven't we already seen stories that are pushed out about blood lust...push[ing] the investigation for the sake of the investigation?" -- Tony Katz

Jul 13, 2011 13min
The PJ Nostradamus Contest: Meet the America's Newest Political Prognosticator

PJTV Special

"The original Nostradamus said he was able to compose his quatrains of prophesy by 'emptying my soul'" -- Scott Ott


Feb 9, 2012 5min
Undercover Voter ID Investigation: You Will Never Guess Which Liberal Groups Are Demanding ID

PJTV Special

"PJTV sent an undercover camera to the Washington, DC offices of these organizations to see how easy they make it to access their buildings without identification"  

Apr 4, 2012 4min
Trifecta Election Day Post Mortem: How Romney Lost & Obama Won


"I really thought Romney was going to win. Do I live in a bubble? Am I self-delusional? Or is there something going on in this country I just cannot rationally take into account?" -- Scott Ott

Nov 7, 2012 20min
State Rep. Hans Zeiger--Conservative Character Inherent in Millennials

PJTV Special

"Obamacare is proving to be a tremendous failure, and young people are bearing the brunt of that burden." --State Rep. Hans Zeiger (R-WA)

Jan 7, 2014 12min
Self-Guided Battlefield Robots Are Coming. Are You Ready?

PJTV Special

High-tech war raises philosophical and ethical questions. Join Bill Whittle, Glenn Reynolds, Scott Ott and Dave Swindle to face the coming robot armies. 

Sep 8, 2014 23min
The Constitutional Model for Reforming Governance from the Ground Up

PJTV Special

Has our focus on national politics blinded us to a Constitutional model for reforming governance? Scott Ott speaks to a local GOP club. And you are there. 

Sep 29, 2014 34min
Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Destroy Human Civilization?

PJTV Special

Bill Whittle gets the answers from some of your favorite PJTV personalities about artificial intelligence. Will the so-called AI "singularity" destroy human civilization, or will it enhance the lives of everyone? Find out. 

Oct 2, 2014 20min
Robosexual Morality: Will AI Robots Have Consciousness, Rights, Souls?

PJTV Special

The biggest questions about robotics and artificial intelligence are moral questions. Bill Whittle, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Swindle & Scott Ott take them on.

Nov 28, 2014 22min