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Bill Whittle & Yaron Brook One-On-One: The Threat of Nuclear Iran & the Future of the Middle East

PJTV Special

"Getting rid of the nuclear problem in Iran is only the beginning.  What really needs to happen is you got to get rid of that regime." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 6, 2012 19min
Free Market Revolution: Did Ayn Rand Provide a Path to Economic Prosperity?

PJTV Special

"This is a philosophical, ideological war we are fighting.  We need to win the battle of ideas---we need to win it everywhere.  And it's going to be hard." -- Yaron Brook

Sep 5, 2012 14min
The Rising Cost of Everything: Are We In the Grip of Inflation?

Front Page with Allen Barton

From Gas to gold, many prices are up. Is inflation rearing its ugly head? Terry Jones and Yaron Brook discuss Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve and more on the Front Page with Allen Barton.

Jan 17, 2011 12min