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The Pigford "Sherrod": Andrew Breitbart on Shirley Sherrod and the Pigford Settlements

CPAC 2011

Andrew Breitbart on Shirley Sherrod & Pigford:

--"She's the one that knows the amount of fraud in Pigford. She knows that the black farmers were getting screwed, and that the non-farmers were getting $50,000 checks"

--"Shirley Sherrod did not help the black farmers."

-- "The same week she got fired, MSNBC was accusing me of being responsible for the money being pulled out.  I had never heard of Pigford yet my media adversaries are now blaming me." 

Feb 11, 2011 8min
Dan Mitchell: Left Salivating for a Value Added Tax

CPAC 2011

"On the left you have them salivating for a value added tax. There is no way that we can ever have a European sized welfare state without a European style tax system. That means a VAT on top of the current tax system." -- Dan Mitchell

Feb 11, 2011 7min
The Impact of Social Media on Egypt and the Tea Party

CPAC 2011

Cairo is a very, very big city... I very much doubt that the vast majority of them are Tweeting"- Liz Mair


Feb 11, 2011 11min
Rep. Michele Bachmann: "People Want the Country to Work Again."

CPAC 2011

"There are consequences to elections." - Michele Bachmann

Feb 11, 2011 4min
The Establishment Is "Cruz" -ing for a bruising: Ted Cruz on Principled Conservatism

CPAC 2011

"I think we need to repeal every word of every sentence of Obamacare." - Texas Republican Ted Cruz

Feb 11, 2011 5min
Kenneth Weinstein: The U.S. Needs to Do More to Support Pro-Democracy Groups in Egypt

CPAC 2011

Has the U.S. backed itself in a corner with Egypt?  Kenneth Weinstein of the Hudson Institute thinks so.

Feb 11, 2011 5min
Tabitha Hale: Tweeters, Not MSM, are Driving the Conversation

CPAC 2011

Tabitha Hale says tweeting and blogging is driving the political conversation now, not the Main Stream Media. 

Feb 11, 2011 4min
Rep. Tom Price: "The Fed is Not Working" (Members Only)

CPAC 2011

The Fed is not working, has too much power and needs to be reigned in by Congress, says Rep. Tom Price.

Feb 11, 2011 6min
Who Said Sarah Palin Wasn't Going to CPAC? The Real Tony Katz Has the Complete Interview

CPAC 2011

"Egypt is Between 'Iraq' and a Hard Place" - A Sarah Palin.


Feb 11, 2011 5min
Patrick Poole: Mubarak's Decision to Remain a Diplomatic Failure for Obama Admin.

CPAC 2011

"The most recent National Security Strategy, there's absolutely no mention of radical islam and only two or three mentions of al Qaeda. Some of that began in the Bush Administration but now under the Obama Administration it is an act of treachery." -- Patrick Poole

Feb 10, 2011 8min