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Obama's Second Agenda: Blood, Taxes and Tears?

PJ News Break

"By crying over the election outcome, Obama showed he really can identify with the millions of Americans who voted for Mitt Romney" -- Scott Ott

Nov 9, 2012 3min
How to Cope with Election Fatigue (Members Only)


"It's been the longest four years of my life." -- Bill Whittle

Nov 9, 2012 5min
Media Bias and the other Great Overlooked Stories of this Election Season


"The President has to launch an investigation to find out who the commander-in-chief is…" -- Stephen Green 

Nov 8, 2012 9min
Trifecta Election Day Post Mortem: How Romney Lost & Obama Won


"I really thought Romney was going to win. Do I live in a bubble? Am I self-delusional? Or is there something going on in this country I just cannot rationally take into account?" -- Scott Ott

Nov 7, 2012 20min
Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It: Big Wins for Obama, Marijuana and Gay Marriage

PJ News Break

"Recreational marijuana use was approved by voters in Colorado and Washington" -- Scott Ott

Nov 7, 2012 3min
Dead Heat: Bad for Obama, Good for Romney?


"Most of the polls showing Obama tied with Romney still have Democrats turning out in greater numbers than Republicans" -- Bill Whittle

Nov 6, 2012 10min
Election 2012 Special Edition: President Obama Hopes Half Empty Is Half Full

PJ News Break

"Yesterday, as Mitt Romney made his final appeal, he asked voters to choose a better future. 

Meanwhile, President Obama called on Americans to forget the past" -- Scott Ott

Nov 6, 2012 2min
Rallying the Base: Obama Visits Abortion Clinics, Welfare Offices and Cemeteries

PJ News Break

"A White House spokesman explained that President Obama is not responsible for the slow progress of the government disaster response" -- Scott Ott

Nov 5, 2012 3min
Obamanomics and Hurricane Sandy Devastate Economy. Plus, Bloomberg Provides Power to Marathon Runner

PJ News Break

"Obama told Christie that it's taking longer than expected to fulfill his inaugural promise to slow the rise of the oceans" -- Scott Ott

Nov 2, 2012 3min
Electoral College Predictions: What Will the Final Numbers Be?


"I'm no coward. Here's my map. We call this 'Steve's Been Drinking Again.'" - Stephen Green

Nov 1, 2012 8min