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Trifecta Wild Card: Keith Olbermann, Worst Person in the World? (Members Only)


"I feel bad for Keith [Olbermann]. I feel bad for Al [Gore]" -- Stephen Green 

Apr 6, 2012 4min
E-Police State? Arizona Criminalizing Online Hurt Feelings as UK Tries to Read your Emails


"If it's terrify, intimidate annoy...offend, that's the end of Trifecta in Arizona" -- Bill Whittle


Apr 5, 2012 7min
NBC Apologizes for Editing the Zimmerman 911 Tape. Plus, Romney Wins Three More

PJ News Break

"A spokesman for the Romney campaign said...Paul Ryan's budget would have evolved beyond its Trojan horse ancestor, but Democrats kept aborting its offspring" -- Scott Ott

Apr 4, 2012 3min
Undercover Voter ID Investigation: You Will Never Guess Which Liberal Groups Are Demanding ID

PJTV Special

"PJTV sent an undercover camera to the Washington, DC offices of these organizations to see how easy they make it to access their buildings without identification"  

Apr 4, 2012 4min
Trayvon Tragedy: Did NBC Edit the Zimmerman 911 Tape to Serve a Political Agenda?


"Murder by media" -- Stephen Green


Apr 4, 2012 7min
Barack Obama, Professor of Unconstitutional Law


"As a former constitutional law lecturer, and former editor of the Harvard Law Review, why didn't he make the Constitutional case for ObamaCare" -- Scott Ott

Apr 3, 2012 8min
Palin v. Couric, the Rematch. Plus, Romney Gets April Fooled

PJ News Break

"Sarah Palin will go head to head with Katie Couric" -- Scott Ott

Apr 2, 2012 3min
Trifecta Wild Card: Obama's Date with the Supreme Court (Members Only)


"Today, we're going to try something new - it's Wild Card Trifecta!" -- Bill Whittle


Apr 2, 2012 4min
The Final In-Salt! NYC's Mayor Bloomberg Bans Salty Food Donations for the Needy (Members Only)


"Haven't you had a enough of this?!?" -- Bill Whittle

Mar 31, 2012 4min
Gen44: The Stunning Narcissism of President Obama


"This guy is a stunning narcissist" -- Stephen Green


Mar 29, 2012 8min