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Bill-Clinton Do the Sexual Accusers of Bill Clinton Deserve to be Believed?

The Rundown

Hillary Clinton says that all sexual accusers deserve to be believed.

Nov 30, 2015 13min
manhattan-drink-small Why Scott Ott Spills His Cocktails on the Floor (Members Only)


Scott Ott was at the 2015 RedState Gathering, and threatened to spill out a perfectly good cocktail onto the ground. #PartyFoul

Aug 15, 2015 5min
marco-rubio Did Marco Rubio Really 'Win' the Debate? (Members Only)


See why the large GOP field inspires Bill Whittle to say, 'Let a thousand flowers bloom, but let's get the lawnmower out.'

Aug 15, 2015 8min
black-lives-matter-small Could Republicans Win the #BlackLivesMatter Vote? (Members Only)


#BlackLivesMatter protesters have showed up at Democrat and Republican events, and so Scott Ott Wonders if the GOP might actually be able to win their vote.

Aug 14, 2015 14min
john-boehner-cry-baby-small Weak Republican Leadership is to Blame for Trump's Success


Donald Trump's bluntness would not be so successful if the Republican leadership were good at their jobs. Bill Whittle explains.

Aug 13, 2015 8min
carly-fiorina-small A Woman Running for President! Carly Fiorina Kicks Hillary's Ass Anyday


In her "happy hour" debate performance, Carly Fiorina dominated the field, and has now surged in the polls. Kruiser explains her momentum!

Aug 12, 2015 10min
megyn-kelly-cartoon Good Journalism? Is Megyn Kelly Just Anti-Trump?


Taking on The Donald over unflattering sexist comments...? Is this good journalism or liberal bias? See what the Stalwarts think of the Kelly/Trump debacle.

Aug 11, 2015 8min
stephen-kruiser-funny Rewinding Steve, Rock-n-Roller Scott, and Funny Kruiser: The Real Trifecta? (Members Only)


In this Trifecta Extra, we get a glimpse into the real Trifecta gang-- a rewinding Steve, a rock-n-rolling Scott Ott, and a 'funny' Kruiser.

Jul 25, 2015 9min
time-cover-bush-clinton Political Elitism: A Feature of American Politics??? (Members Only)


As Presidents Bush and Clinton appear on Time Magazine's cover headlined 'Game of Thrones,' our Stalwarts address political elitism in America.

Jul 24, 2015 6min
Democrats Devouring: They Eat Their Own! (Members Only)


Maybe the hope from this Trifecta 3-Parter is that Democrats are not some cozy big tent; they do devour each other. Shall we sit back and watch it happen?

Jul 23, 2015 7min