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Will Obamacare Sink the Democrats with Young Voters in 2014?

Next Generation

"...young people are going to have to pay a lot more money." -- John Phillips 

May 30, 2013 14min
WikiLeaks: A Feckless Obama and a Clinton in Peril


The WikiLeaks release leaves both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with egg on their faces. Should Obama have prevented disclosure? Is our President totally gutless? Find out as Green, Ott and Kruiser look deeper into the WikiLeaks scandal.  

Dec 3, 2010 7min
Where Should Freedom-Loving Individuals Go ... Outer Space? (Members Only)


"I think about fleeing to start a revolution" -- Stephen Kruiser

Jun 28, 2014 8min
What Are They Smoking in California? How Did the Tidal Wave Miss the Golden State? (Members Only)


Just what are California voters smoking?

Nov 4, 2010 7min
Trifecta's Post Election Hangover: Big Victory for the Spirit of 1773


Stephen Kruiser, Scott Ott and Stephen Green do a post-election analysis.  

Nov 3, 2010 8min
Treason? Congressional Republicans Turn Backs on the GOP


Congressional Republicans just approved a pork filled budget, leaving Trifecta wondering whether the GOP is betraying its supporters.

Dec 17, 2014 7min
The Progressive Scheme to Get Working Families Working Less


"The president and his friends in the media think that Americans would be clamoring for paid family leave if we only knew that almost everyone else in the world enjoys it already" -- Scott Ott

Jun 24, 2014 8min
The Long Weekend: MSNBC's Idea of Punishment (Members Only)


 Keith Olbermann got a slap on the wrist and a long weekend for donating money to Democrat candidates. Should he have lost his job? Trifecta weighs in . 

Nov 9, 2010 6min
The GOP's Marketing Problem: Why Aren't People Buying What Republicans Are Selling?


"Sometimes the Republicans confuse the product with the hardware" -- Scott Ott

Nov 15, 2012 10min
THE FAIR TAX: It's Like Dating a Younger Woman, Only Worse (Members Only)


What is it with the Fair Tax? The erudite Scott Ott doesn't understand it, and Stephen Kruiser thinks that it's like dating a younger woman. Can it really work? 

Sep 30, 2010 8min