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Obama v. The Generals: Can He Learn from Lincoln, LBJ & Bush? (Pt. 3, Members Only)


Barack Obama is not the first president to struggle with war leadership. Will he learn from a frustrated Lincoln, a meddling LBJ and a decisive G.W. Bush?

Sep 25, 2014 7min
Time for American Boots on the Ground in Iraq?

Klavan & Whittle

PJTV member Grapejuice asks: "Under what circumstances would boots on the ground in Iraq be a good thing?" Do Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle support a new Iraq war? Find out. 

Sep 24, 2014 6min
Obama v. The Generals: Avoiding Repeat of Last War May Botch This One


Did Obama really learn the lessons of previous wars? Or could his hubris blind him to need for ground troops in fight against ISIS caliphate? (Pt. 2 or 3)

Sep 24, 2014 7min
Obama v. The Generals: Should Top Brass Contradict the Commander-in-chief in Public?


Should military leaders shut up and follow orders from their Commander in Chief? Or is it patriotic to go public with doubts about his plans? (Pt. 1 of 3)

Sep 23, 2014 6min
State Dept. Wants to Work with Iran. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Secretary of State John Kerry is open to talking to Iran about fighting ISIS. What could go possible wrong with such an alliance? Find out on this wild card edition of Trifecta.

Sep 20, 2014 5min
Trifecta Extra: Whittle vs. Ott Spills Into After-Show, Plus Bullying


Behind the scenes footage shows what happens when the men of Trifecta clash. This the show the experts said couldn't be made...or was it "shouldn't"? 

Sep 20, 2014 7min
New Study: Obamacare Costs More, Offers Less Choice. Does It Matter?


Will people turn against Obamacare if they learn it costs more & offers less choice, as a new study shows? Should GOP talk practical, instead of principle?

Sep 19, 2014 12min
Open the Borders: The Case for Free-Market Immigration, And Against It


How did the party of small government & free markets start backing a big immigration bureaucracy and closed markets? Could open borders be worse that this?

Sep 18, 2014 7min
Post-Benghazi Purge at State? New Cover-Up Charges Might Dog Hillary


Whistle-blower Ray Maxwell says he saw State Dept. colleagues separating Benghazi-related documents to protect officials after the deadly consulate attack.

Sep 17, 2014 6min
Great Unraveling: Can the Threads of the American Tapestry Be Rewoven?


ISIS beheadings, ebola, Russian expansion, a weak U.S. President — even The New York Times' pages sound the alarm. Is it too late for the United States? 

Sep 16, 2014 5min