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Baaaaaaccccooooonnnnn!!! And Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theatre!


This Trifecta Extra sponsored by bacon! Yum!!! Also, when is it ok to shout fire in a crowded theatre?

Feb 28, 2015 6min
Culture Trend? Government Now the Villain in Pop Teen Movies & Books


The Giver, Divergent & The Hunger Games are all popular with youth and all anti-big government stories. Is the culture changing to favor political liberty?

Sep 3, 2014 7min
Happy 100th Birthday Sixteenth Amendment! How Can We Fix Our Tax Code? (Members Only)


"I would repeal the Sixteenth Amendment." -- Bill Whittle

Feb 8, 2013 4min
Has Obama Done Irreversible Harm to the United States? (Members Only)


"We can undo a lot of this" -- Stephen Kruiser

Jun 20, 2014 5min
Hot Mic Bloopers: Trifecta Stars in Unguarded Moments, Also Sneezing


 “While our tech people turn knobs and pull levers, Bill, Steve and I have an opportunity to look stupid in an unguarded moment with a hot mic.” —Scott Ott

Jul 26, 2014 4min
Is Sharing Caring? One Mommy Says its Wrong to Force Kids to Share!


A Mommy Blogger has called for an end to compulsion behind the childhood mantra "Sharing is Caring." Scott Ott asks the Trifecta crew to weigh in.

Aug 7, 2014 8min
Klavan & Whittle: Why Do People Need Crisis? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"The ability to worry is built into our DNA" -- Bill Whittle

Jun 23, 2014 6min
Modern Feminism: Do Feminists Think It Is OK for Men to Hit Women?!? (Members Only)


"I am deeply worry that the proscription against hitting girls – not once, not ever and not for any reason, period – will go away" -- Bill Whittle

Jun 19, 2014 5min
NASA's New Goal: Don't Let Humanity Go Extinct


"If only the angle and the timing had been different." - Bill Whittle

Feb 19, 2013 9min
Not There: Women 'Don't' Appear in an Ad to Sponsor Women's Rights???


Famous women, like Amy Poehler, are 'not' appearing in a Clinton Foundation ad sponsoring women's rights...huh?

Mar 14, 2015 10min