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For Your Consideration: The PJ Pop Quiz Oscar Edition

PJTV Special

"I think its the Beiber movie" -- Bill Whittle


Feb 20, 2012 5min
Obama's Surprise Budget Party! Find Out the Biggest Surprises in Obama's Budget

PJTV Special

"I would be hugely surprised if the President's budget is even considered on the floor of the Senate" -- Jennifer Pollom


Feb 24, 2012 7min
Dawn of a Chinese Century? How American Population Trends Could Halt China's Rise to the Top

PJTV Special

"Is the dawn of a Chinese century inevitable?" -- Alexis Garcia 

Feb 28, 2012 8min
Condoleezza Rice and Santorum, Not Romney, Beating Obama in Latest PJ Media Poll

PJTV Special

"I am sure that Michael Savage, Spider Man and Flo from Progressive Insurance could probably all be beating Obama" -- Brian Doherty


Feb 29, 2012 10min
The Obama Apology: Is It Time for Afghanistan to Apologize to America?

PJTV Special

"An apology by a general on the ground would have sufficed" -- Kira Davis

Mar 5, 2012 6min
Is There Room for a Third Party? Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Thinks So

PJTV Special

"I think libertarians embrace the best of both parties" -- Gary Johnson


Mar 5, 2012 12min
Super Tuesday Showdown: Whittle & Kruiser Break Down the GOP Race and the Fight Ahead

PJTV Special

"You're at the point where you're hoping to achieve Bob Dole numbers." -- Bill Whittle

Mar 5, 2012 11min
Did Romney Seal the Deal on Super Tuesday?

PJTV Report

"How long will this go on?!" -- Alexis Garcia

Mar 7, 2012 5min
PJ Pop Quiz: March Madness and Busy Lizzies

PJTV Special

"I am going to go with 19 because there is a demographic I target when I date. Wait, no, I can't say that on the air" -- Stephen Kruiser


Mar 13, 2012 7min
Obama's Race to the Bottom: US Is Seizing School Power and Setting Lower Education Standards

PJTV Special

"We keep hearing about ... the race to the top. It sounds like a race to the bottom" -- Alexis Garcia

Mar 27, 2012 9min