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Good Advice for High School Graduates (Members Only)


"Go back to high school. Now is not the time to come out of high school" -- Scott Ott


Jun 8, 2012 5min
Left Blames Supreme Court and Money for Walker's Win

Front Page with Allen Barton

"With Scott Walker's convincing win in the Wisconsin recall election, the bitter left is blaming right wing billionaires and the Citizens United decision" -- Allen Barton

Jun 8, 2012 10min
Bill Clinton Doing What He Does Best, Apologizing for a Massive Screw Up

PJ News Break

"A White House spokesman said the President would have raised more money, but he was too busy giving speeches at campaign fundraisers" -- Scott Ott

Jun 8, 2012 3min
Elitism and the Election: Fred Barnes on Obama's Celebrity-Filled Reelection Strategy


"I cannot think of a woman in America who you would want to advertise on your side less than Anna Wintour" -- Fred Barnes 

Jun 8, 2012 12min
Walker Wins, MSNBC Spins

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"Ms. Brown shows what the real problem with the politics of emotion is-they want a puppy, not a president." -- Stephen Krusier

Jun 8, 2012 11min
Diabetes Jumps Among Teens, But Is Banning Soda The Solution?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The diabetes rate among teens in the US jumps. Does the key to solving this problem lie in banning soft drinks?" -- Allen Barton

Jun 9, 2012 6min
Rotten Tomatoes New Release Update -- When Franchises Attack:"Prometheus" & "Madagascar 3"


 "Most critics say that it's ["Prometheus"] pretty good, it's pretty scary, very effective, but a lot of them agree that it would probably be better if it didn't have all of the baggage of the "Alien" franchise." - Matt Atchity, Editor-in-Chief of RottenTomatoes.com.

Jun 9, 2012 2min
RIP Eduard Khil: Trololo Man Brought Happiness to Millions (Members Only)


"Eduard wrote and performed a song for Soviet TV" -- Bill Whittle

Jun 9, 2012 5min
RIM Jobs On the Line. Plus, the Wheels Are Coming off the Obama Clown Car


"Queen Elizabeth firing ... a big ass machine gun" -- Stephen Green

Jun 9, 2012 5min
Left Resists Austerity, Even As Europe Edges Towards Collapse

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Have policies that have limited government spending throughout history generally made those societies worse off?" -- Allen Barton

Front Page with Allen Barton, Allen Barton, Terry Jones ]

Jun 9, 2012 10min