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Biden's Same-Sex Apology to Obama

PJ News Break

"The President said, 'If I had a gay husband, he'd look like Joe Biden.'" -- Scott Ott

May 11, 2012 3min
Nanny State Snack Attack: The Liberal War on Snacks & Plastic Bags

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Bureaucrats ban plastic bags and bake sales.  Is our freedom being eroded one delicious, sugar-laced muffin at a time?" -- Allen Barton

May 11, 2012 10min
Week In Blogs: Indiana Hawks A Lugar. Plus Corpse Eating Medicine and Dog Eating Politics


"Headline of the week, 'Sore Lugar'" -- Stephen Green

May 12, 2012 4min
Gypsies, Tramps & Tea: Cher Shares Her Hateful Ignorance of the Tea Party

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Romney is not a Tea Party favorite. You don't know what you are talking about Cher"-- Zo 

May 12, 2012 3min
The Let 'em Loose Truce: The US Catch and Release Program for Taliban Terrorists (Members)


"President Obama sees a future where the Taliban is just a political party" -- Scott Ott


May 12, 2012 4min
Inventing Julia: Obama Saves Fictitious Woman, But What About Real Women?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Obama’s team has created a fictional character named Julia to show everyday americans how his policies help them" -- Allen Barton

May 12, 2012 7min
Klavan & Whittle: Obama's Evolution on Gay Marriage (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"They don't like democracy" -- Andrew Klavan 

May 12, 2012 7min
Spring Fever: Andrew McCarthy on the Arab Spring and the Illusion of Islamic Democracy

PJTV Special

"I have always loved to write" -- Andrew C. McCarthy

May 14, 2012 11min
Vive Le Socialisme! Anti-Austerity Movement Spreads in Europe

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Finance has probably been the most demonized industry in history." -- Don Watkins

May 14, 2012 9min
Hip Hip, He's Gay! 'Newsweek' Outs President Obama

PJ News Break

"The President still has not decided whether a gay president who is also married to woman should be allowed to marry a man as well" -- Scott Ott

May 14, 2012 3min