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schools-white-only The Government Shouldn't Have Even Forced Integration! (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

White only lunch counters, businesses, country clubs, schools, restrooms... and Andrew Klavan says the government should have allowed it to stay that way... 

Oct 13, 2015 8min
Biblical-Fight The More Liberals Attack Christians, the More Violent This Nation Becomes

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

Liberals want to control everything from guns to the weather. 

Oct 13, 2015 7min
Kids-Playing-Tag PC Madness On Campus!

The Rundown

Educators Go Mad: School Bans Tag in Name of Political Correctness

Oct 12, 2015 12min
police-lights Should Police Be Required to Wear Video Cameras?

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

Should all police officers and those carrying concealed weapons be required to wear video cameras? Find out what Bill Whittle has to say as he lands in the Hot Seat. 


Oct 10, 2015 10min
United-States America: Not So Great, Anymore?

Poll Position with John Philips

According to a new poll, most think that America is failing and that politicians are to blame. 

Oct 10, 2015 2min
pic-of-handgun It's the Steel: Bill Whittle's Solution to Gun Control

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

In the wake of more mass shootings, Bill Whittle tackles gun control rebutting progressives call for stricter measures. 

Oct 9, 2015 7min
passport Where Would You Go If You Couldn't Stay in the US??? (Members Only)


If it became a necessity to abandon ship and leave the US, where would you go? Would you have a safe harbor? Send your questions to wildcard@pjtv.com.

Oct 9, 2015 5min
2015 What's Good and Bad With the 2015 We Wound Up With… (Members Only)


We've been discussing whether the 2015 of reality has matched our Back to the Future expectations... But has 2015 even been a good year?

Oct 8, 2015 5min
Ott-Thought-Rihanna-Constitution Rihanna's Beat, Demi Urges, Cute Cats, Celebrity Swimsuits & Hillary

Scott Ott Thought

Our free press guarantee creates better government through an informed electorate, or so Scott Ott Thought, until he read the real top news of the week. 

Oct 8, 2015 4min
Ahmed-Mohamed Was 'Ahmed's Clock' Just a Stunt?

The Rundown

Was  'Ahmed's Clock' a Clever Publicity Stunt?

Oct 7, 2015 11min