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New-Hampshire-Vote GOP Primary: Trump Wins New Hampshire with 35% of the Vote

The Rundown

Did John Kasich replace Marco Rubio as the new Republican establishment favorite? Find out. 

Feb 10, 2016 17min
bernie-supporter Bernie Sanders Supporters Get Busted With Billionaire Backing

PJTV Special

Watch what happens when Bernie supporters find out he has billionaires backing his campaign rally.

Feb 10, 2016 3min
presidents-day Our 45th Presidents' First 100 Days: Get a Glimpse of the Future Now

Scott Ott Thought

 In the midst of 2016 presidential campaign, Scott Ott thought you’d like to see news on May 2, 2017. What White House reporters say to mark the 100th day.

Feb 10, 2016 0min
bureaucrat Government is the Problem, and Bureaucrats are Government's Problem


Bill Whittle highlights a recent Glenn Reynolds article, in which he outlines how 'lifer' bureaucrats are the problem in Washington.

Feb 10, 2016 10min
speed-round-marco-rubio Marco Rubio Answers 44 Revealing Questions in 3 mins

PJTV Special

Marco Rubio has the perfect weapon of choice for a Zombie Apocalypse! Plus, he has an awesome favorite hip-hop artist and a great karaoke song. Find out what his answers are here!

Feb 9, 2016 3min
doritos-logo Abortion Group Calls Doritos Ad Offensive...


NARAL (a pro-choice lobby) calls Doritos' Super Bowl ad insensitive... Find out why, as Scott Ott hosts Trifecta.

Feb 9, 2016 8min
Presidents Who Is Zo Endorsing for President?

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Who is Zo pulling for for president."  

Feb 9, 2016 6min
shakespeare The Bard: Why is Shakespeare Great?

Klavan & Whittle

Andrew Klavan makes the bold statement that Shakespeare was the greatest writer of all time. Find out why he and Bill Whittle think this is true.

Feb 8, 2016 10min
hillary-sunglasses Can Hillary's Email-gate Get Any Worse?? Oh Yeah, It Just Did... (Members Only)


Hillary Clinton has proved herself to be a felon and a traitor, and, believe it or not, the story keeps getting worse!

Feb 8, 2016 8min
middle-school-students San Francisco Schools Want to Give Condoms to Middle School Kids

Up or Down

Should middle school students receive condoms? Should snowed in residents in DC receive parking tickets? Plus, hear about Barbie's new makeover, and the ultimate Super Bowl 50 package. 
Feb 6, 2016 13min