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Klavan & Whittle: Can Technology Change the Essential Nature of Man? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

“I have no doubt that you could somehow remove those (sex) differences in some way, but would we still be human beings?” - Andrew Klavan

Apr 14, 2014 8min
High Behind Bars: Are Union Guards to Blame for Prisoner Drug Epidemic? (Members Only)

After Hours

"Who's to say the prison guards aren't part of the gangs?" - Tammy Bruce

Apr 12, 2014 15min
Mending the Big Tent: Can the GOP Unite the Tea Party, RINOs & Libertarians? (Members Only)


"How do we get the McCain/Boehner RINOS, the Tea Party and the libertarians to unite?" -- PJTV Member Joe

Apr 11, 2014 8min
Trifecta Goes to the Movies: How Does the Right Change Hollywood? (Members Only)


"American culture used to be very conservative" -- Stephen Green

Apr 10, 2014 8min
The Hot Seat: Should People Give Bill Whittle an Extra Dollar? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

“I’m certainly grateful for all the support I’ve had here at PJTV…I can’t believe I get paid to do this.” - Bill Whittle

Apr 10, 2014 12min
Part Two: A Conservative California? How Can We Change the Culture? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"Whenever a celebrity comes out as a Republican, they always seem to become a professional Republican." --John Phillips

Apr 8, 2014 16min
Can Democrats Distance Themselves From ObamaCare? (Members Only)


"This law isn't working" -- Michelle Fields

Apr 5, 2014 7min
Deep Purple Climate Catastrophe: Is the UN Climate Report Science or Politics? (Members Only)


"Deep purple catastrophe" -- Bill Whittle

Apr 4, 2014 6min
Hot Seat: Has Bill Whittle Invented a Time-Travel Helmet? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"My Whittle Regression Time Space Helmet!" --Bill Whittle

Apr 3, 2014 14min
Klavan & Whittle: Why Do Progressives Hate Capitalism, Freedom and America? (Members Only)

PJTV Special

"What else is there but freedom?" -- Andrew Klavan

Mar 31, 2014 10min