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Trifecta Extra: Obama 3-D Chess, Grapefruit Gropes & Bad Julia Childs


Did Edward Snowden grope Scott Ott’s grapefruit? Did Stephen Kruiser look up to Julia Childs? And what won’t Stephen Green slather with Hollandaise sauce? 

Jan 17, 2015 9min
You Be the Speaker: Should GOP Fight Obama in Sight of Our Enemies?


Crises with ISIS, Iran, N. Korea, and even Cuba put President Obama’s global leadership in the spotlight. Should the new GOP Speaker back him, attack him?

Jan 7, 2015 7min
Tanking: Commander in Chief Obama's Popularity with Troops Down to 15%


Military Times poll shows President Obama’s popularity with its readers plummeted to 15 percent, even though 60 percent support his stand on gay soldiers.

Dec 24, 2014 7min
Iran's Nuke: Who Will Prevent the Death Knell of Western Civilization? (Pt. 2/4)

The Future of the Middle East

Medieval Islamic death cult with a nuke could turn Israel to ash instantly. Iran’s Mullahs even crave the retaliatory strikes. Who will stop Iran’s bomb?

Dec 9, 2014 19min
What is Manhood (Other Than Physical Traits)? [Members Only]

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

What makes a man? Is it courage? Sensibility? Wisdom? Or is it just something you're born into? Check this Hot Seat out; it features Bill Whittle answering this and other questions submitted by you.

Dec 5, 2014 9min
Lights Out: What Happens When Our Grid Goes Down

Afterburner with Bill Whittle

Our electric grid is vulnerable. If we have no power, the situation would be very grave—no food, no water... Don't miss this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.

Dec 4, 2014 7min
Lame Duck Gone Wild: How Much Damage Can He Do in Just Two More Years?


Emboldened by his party’s loss, Obama grabs a fistful of executive pens & starts issuing orders. Can we survive two more years of the imperial presidency?

Dec 3, 2014 6min
Top 3 Threats Facing the United States

The Rundown

The Rundown panel weighs in with their picks for the top 3 threats facing the United States.  

Nov 28, 2014 11min
So Over Obama? Are Liberals at War with President After He Dumps Hagel?


Chuck Hagel gets the boot and Piers Morgan and The Daily Beast take the gloves off, dissing Obama's foreign policy. Will MSM throw him under the bus now?

Nov 25, 2014 5min
Libertarian Hawk? Commander-in-Chief Rand Paul's Plan to Keep Us Safe


Fighting his isolationist reputation, Sen. Paul gives a war & foreign policy speech, mixing Reagan, GWB & Obama. Would Pres. Paul’s principles really work?

Oct 31, 2014 12min