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harry-potter-small Harry Potter and Hunger Games: Are Young Adult Novels Good for Literature? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

Though a young adult novelist himself, Andrew Klavan examines whether novels geared for younger readers dumb our society down.

Aug 19, 2015 7min
pursuit-happiness The Pursuit of Happiness: How to Be Happy in America


The pursuit of happiness is a purposeful mantra for our country--it's how we're supposed to live. Bill Whittle helps us understand why and how to be happy.

Aug 18, 2015 9min
Man-giving-speech The Last GOP Presidential Campaign Speech You'll Ever Need to Hear

Scott Ott Thought

After hearing speeches by every Republican presidential hopeful, Scott Ott Thought we could save time with just one, generic speech for every occasion.

Aug 18, 2015 7min
Enrique-Monrones Yes, It's OK to Say "Illegal Alien"

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

It's OK to Say "Illegal Alien"

Aug 18, 2015 5min
Bullets-bourbon-pic Join PJTV Stars at "Bullets and Bourbon" in December!

PJTV Special

Join Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit and one of America’s foremost Second Amendment Scholars, Dana Loesch, author of Hands off My Gun as well as Steve Green, Ed Morrissey, Mark Rippetoe, Roger Simon, Helen Smith, and Kevin Williamson for a weekend dedicated to the Second Amendment. Join us for Bullets & Bourbon this December in Texas! Click the link for more information and for reservations:  http://bullets-and-bourbon.com

Aug 17, 2015 11min
isis-symbol Americans Joining ISIS: Giving 'Em Something to Believe In

Klavan & Whittle

Why are Americans joining ISIS? Bill Whittle says it's because young men and women just want something (anything) to believe in and fight for...

Aug 17, 2015 6min
Victor-Aureliano-Martinez-Ramirez Another Illegal Arrested for a Shocking Crime in California

The Rundown

Illegal Immigrant Attacks Senior Citizen

Aug 17, 2015 11min
manhattan-drink-small Why Scott Ott Spills His Cocktails on the Floor (Members Only)


Scott Ott was at the 2015 RedState Gathering, and threatened to spill out a perfectly good cocktail onto the ground. #PartyFoul

Aug 15, 2015 5min
marco-rubio Did Marco Rubio Really 'Win' the Debate? (Members Only)


See why the large GOP field inspires Bill Whittle to say, 'Let a thousand flowers bloom, but let's get the lawnmower out.'

Aug 15, 2015 8min
Donald-Trump Trump Tops Post-Debate Polls

Poll Position with John Philips

Trump Still Leading in Polls

Aug 15, 2015 3min