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G.I. War Crimes: Should Brad Pitt's WWII Tank Commander Trigger Fury?


In the WWII film ‘Fury’, Pitt’s heroic ‘Wardaddy’ commits atrocities, pushes men to do so too. Do filmmakers have a moral obligation to show the dark side?

Oct 16, 2014 9min
Bill Whittle: Should We Be Worried About Ebola? (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

In this edition of Hot Seat, Bill explains whether he's concerned about Ebola in America. He's certainly not ready to panic.

Oct 16, 2014 10min
Marriage Rates Drop Across America! Plus, McDonald's Spills Secrets

The Rundown

A drop in marriage rates across the nation, Brad Pitt's passion for guns, a clown is terrorizing a California town and a delay in naming a new Attorney General. 

Oct 15, 2014 19min
War on Warming: U.S. Defense Secy Declares DEFCON 1 on Climate Change


Sec. Chuck Hagel says global climate change is the biggest enemy we’ve ever faced, and the Pentagon is gearing up for the fight with Gaia. Feel safer yet? 

Oct 15, 2014 7min
Is Christianity the Unique Essential Basis for Freedom and Prosperity?

Klavan & Whittle

PJTV member “Will Do Math for Food” asks if Jesus’ followers created the best basis for a “pursuit of happiness” society? Is Christianity the sine qua non?

Oct 15, 2014 7min
FBI Director Worried That Your Data is Encrypted, But Who Can Peek?


Do you have the right to lock the FBI out of your smartphone through encryption? Do Google and Facebook have a right to sell your data? What is liberty?

Oct 14, 2014 6min
Stupidity, Not Race, Made Police Break a Car Window and Tase a Black Guy

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

As a Black man, Zo's worried that some other Black men’s actions are putting others at risk. Police aren't gunning for a race, they're just protecting themselves and the public.

Oct 14, 2014 9min
Could Private Sector Wipe Out ISIS? Plus, Paltrow and the President!

The Rundown

Can the private sector take out ISIS? Gwyneth Paltrow throws a party for President Obama and Alison Grimes keeps quiet on her voting record.

Oct 13, 2014 14min
Unknown Unknowns: What Do (and Don't) Klavan & Whittle Actually Know?

Klavan & Whittle

PJTV member Mark Alexander wants to know what K&W know, and what they don’t. He gets more than he asks for, and less. So, why do DC folks think they know?

Oct 13, 2014 6min
Trifecta Extra: Sim City Politics and Thurston Whittle's AR-15 (Members Only)


Ott settles the Texas question. Whittle gets the royal treatment. Green chugs cappuccino, shows where Kansas should be. Bonus: New parts for Bill’s AR-15.

Oct 11, 2014 9min