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Chikungunya Virus is Spreading in America! Plus, Warren for President?

The Rundown

"This is awful and spreading very quickly." -- Michelle Fields 

Jul 21, 2014 17min
If American is a Center-Right Country, Why is the Left So Powerful? (Members Only)

Klavan & Whittle

"Everybody believes we need small govt., except when it comes to them. It's almost impossible to pry free dollars out of your cold dead hands." -- Klavan

Jul 21, 2014 7min
Pay Day Mayday! (Members Only)

After Hours with John Phillips

"Adios amigos! I'm going to Nevada."-John Phillips

Jul 21, 2014 10min
'In God We Trust': Should our Motto Make a Comeback?

PJTV Special

"All of freedom rests on religious freedom, and faith in our nation." --Lea Carawan, Congressional Prayer Caucus

Jul 21, 2014 6min
Conservative Insurgency: A Field Manual for Conservative Victories

PJTV Special

"A peaceful insurgency is what I am talking about here" -- Kurt Schlichter

Jul 19, 2014 7min
Obama Pivots on Shovel, GOP Sues Him & Utah Won't Cave on Marriage

Washington Rewind

"Their main argument is that Obama violated the Constitution by going around Congress and delaying part of a law..." -- Michelle Fields

Jul 19, 2014 2min
Comic Craziness: Archie Assassinated for Pushing Stricter Gun Control?

Up or Down

“You won’t have those kids kicking you in the back now that there is no backseat.” - Michelle Fields

Jul 19, 2014 9min
Fundraiser in Chief: Is Obama Obsessed with Cash? (Members Only)


"These guys are completely absorbed in fundraising" -- Scott Ott

Jul 18, 2014 7min
Radical Islam vs. Radical Christianity (Members Only)

Hot Seat with Bill Whittle

"We're not talking about radical Islam, we're talking about Islam" --Bill Whittle

Jul 18, 2014 16min
The Wild Goose Festival: Can Democrat Christians Control the Culture?

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"The liberals are just like Judas." --AlfonZo Rachel

Jul 18, 2014 8min