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Dinesh D'Souza: The Author & Filmmaker the White House Can No Longer Ignore


"For a while they [Obama campaign] were ignoring us. I think they felt initially the movie would only appeal to conservatives. But now they've found it's breaking out and there's a lot of independents going, 'There's a lot of stuff in here that we didn't know about Obama' and so I think the campaign's decided to strike back." - Dinesh D'Souza 

Sep 21, 2012 16min
The Changing Face of Foreign Policy: Eleven Years After 9/11 Are We Any Safer?

PJTV Special

"We have young people that were 7 years old during 9/11 that are going to be voting for the first time this year. They don't remember 9/11. They certainly don't know the impact and the immediacy of 9/11 like we all felt it." -- RIchard Grenell

Sep 11, 2012 28min
Rotten Tomatoes Weekend Roundup: 'The Words' and '2016'


"This movie as you can imagine has an agenda." -- Matt Atchity

Sep 8, 2012 2min
Conservatives Rising: How Did an Obama Documentary Break Box Office Records?


"If you voted for Obama and you're watching this thing come apart, and [you're wondering] 'What did I do wrong? Is it the Republicans? What's to blame?' You go and you see this film and you say to your friends, 'You know what? I understand it now." - Lionel Chetwynd


Sep 7, 2012 10min
RNC 2012: Romney Political Director Rich Beeson Sketches the Electoral Path to Victory

RNC 2012

"The Democrats want to make you think there's a very narrow path." -- Rich Beeson

Aug 31, 2012 4min
RNC 2012: Daniel Hannan on the Europeanization of America & the New Road to Serfdom

RNC 2012

"The are ultimately transforming the nature of this country and not in a good way." -- Daniel Hannan

Aug 30, 2012 10min
FREE PREVIEW: RNC 2012 -- Allen West on the Reprehensible Attacks By Democrats & MSM

RNC 2012

"He failed to realize that the President is out campaigning as well" -- Allen West 

Aug 30, 2012 2min
RNC 2012: Actress Janine Turner on Preparing and Speaking at the RNC

RNC 2012

"She [Ann Romney] was very honest" -- Janine Turner 

Aug 30, 2012 4min
RNC 2012: It's the Issues, Stupid! Bill Whittle Breaks Down What Matters to Voters

RNC 2012

Day 2 of RNC coverage

Aug 28, 2012 64min
RNC 2012: Richard Miniter on Obama's Leadership Style & Relationships with Female Advisors

RNC 2012

 "I found out that [Obama's] not what I expected" -- Richard Miniter 

Aug 28, 2012 5min