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Woman to Become Firefighter, Even Though She Can't Pass Physical Exam


Ms. Wax really really really really really wanted to become a firefighter, so they waived the physical exam requirement... Really?!?

May 7, 2015 6min
You Won't Believe What Bill Clinton Said About Shady Payments

The Rundown

Hear Bill Clinton's Shocking Excuse About Shady Payments

May 6, 2015 13min
Is Experience a Requirement for Presidential Hopefuls?


With Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina in the running, we ask--does political inexperience disqualify you from the Presidency? Hear the Trifecta Gang's response.

May 6, 2015 7min
Post Texas Shooting: Is Free Speech a 'Mousetrap' for Terrorism?


Chris Matthews said that the Texas incident was a mousetrap for terrorism, and that event organizers crossed a line. The Trifecta Gang rips this apart.

May 5, 2015 9min
Utopian-City No Edible Animals Were Harmed Making This Film

Scott Ott Thought

With Disney's 'Tomorrowland' movie on the horizon, Scott Ott narrates the trailer for another Utopian dream world where nothing is impossible: Democratland 

May 5, 2015 2min
Robotic Sex Slaves: Will AI Have Consciousness, Rights, Souls?

e-Human: How New Technologies Will End Life As We Know It

The biggest questions about robotics and artificial intelligence are moral questions. Bill Whittle, Glenn Reynolds, Dave Swindle & Scott Ott take them on.

May 4, 2015 22min
Govt. Letter: Dear Mr. Green, I'm the Idiot...


You'll want to hear about the letter Stephen Green's father got in the mail! Check out this episode of Trifecta Extra.

May 2, 2015 7min
Hillary-Clinton Sen. Bernie Sanders Attacks Hillary's Left Flank

The Rundown

Bernie Sanders Attacks Hillary's Left Flank

May 2, 2015 13min
Social Security: Ready For a 50 Year Battle? (Members Only)


Should Social Security be phased out or fixed? Check out why Bill Whittle thinks we have a tenuous 50 year fight ahead of us either way...

May 2, 2015 6min
Political Climate: How Environmental Issues Will Affect 2016 (Members Only)


The Gang discusses how environmental issues will play a part in the 2016 elections. Bill reminds us all that Conservatives aren't anti-green zealots...

May 1, 2015 6min