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Donald-Trump Meet the Other Donald Trump, the Cerebral One Carson Told You About

Scott Ott Thought

Ben Carson told us there are two Donald Trumps. Scott Ott thought you might want to meet the gracious, cerebral one & hear what they’ll do together in DC.

Mar 17, 2016 2min
donald-trump-republican Is Donald Trump Making the GOP More Popular?


Regardless of how you feel about The Donald, he does seem to be having a huge effect on the Republican Party!

Mar 17, 2016 7min
pizza Obama Says Voting Should Be Easier Than Ordering a Pizza?!?


At the South By Southwest Conference this week, President Obama said that he thinks voting should be as easy as ordering a pizza? Domino effect???

Mar 16, 2016 8min
michelle-fields One Way or Another: Trump Campaign Assaulted Michelle Fields


It's not for us to decide whether Trump's campaign manager actually physically assaulted Michelle Fields, but they definitely verbally assaulted her!

Mar 15, 2016 7min
political-money Getting Big Money Out of Politics? A Conservative Goal? (Members Only)


Should Conservatives band together to keep big money out of politics? And if money is suck a major factor, wouldn't Jeb Bush be the nominee?

Mar 12, 2016 10min
paris-attacks What Will America Be Like if We Have a Paris Style Attack? (Members Only)


Several shooting sprees spread out throughout a major city, pandemonium, chaos, and terror... How would Americans react to a Paris-style attack?

Mar 10, 2016 8min
Donald-Trump Why Trump Can't Make America Great Again, Nor Bring Back Factory Jobs

Scott Ott Thought

Progressives candidates say they’re going to bring back American manufacturing jobs. Wrong! Scott Ott explains why Trump, Clinton & Sanders don’t get it.

Mar 9, 2016 5min
Melissa-Harris-Perry MSNBC Fires Melissa Harris-Perry. Is Left-Wing News Dead?

The Rundown

MSNBC fired Melissa Harris-Perry 

Mar 7, 2016 12min
Trifecta-Hillary-Trump-Thumbnail Trump Is Beating Conservatives, but Can He Beat Hillary? (Members Only)


Donald Trump is looking like the GOP nominee, but can he beat Hillary Clinton? Will a Trump vs. Clinton race be the nastiest presidential campaign ever?  

Mar 5, 2016 6min
Mika-Joe-Media-Election Is the Media Deciding the GOP Nominee? (Members Only)


On this epidode of Trifecta Wildcard, is the media deciding the GOP nominee? Are polls influencing voters to just go with who is the most popular?  

Mar 4, 2016 11min