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Will $1 Billion Help A Republican Win the 2016 Presidential Race?

The Rundown

  The Koch brothers plan on spending nearly $1 billion dollars in the 2016 election cycle. Will that be enough money to help send a Republican to the White House?

Jan 28, 2015 14min
Tax Smart Cars: California Finally Too Liberal For Themselves


Oh, the California progressive revolution! Prius(es), Smart Cars, and E Autos galore! But if they don't pay the gas tax, who will build the roads?!? | PJTV

Jan 28, 2015 6min
Huffington Post Called Scott Walker Chicken: Find Out Why...


The Huffington Post alleges that Scott Walker has backed down on one of his central campaign promises. Find out why this is all a huff over nothing. | PJTV

Jan 27, 2015 8min
Big Brother Alert: How Police Are Spying Inside of Your Home!

Up or Down

Is it right for police to spy inside of your home with a new radar device? Why some are saying it's an invasion of privacy. Should you have to pay for being a "no-show" to a party? There's a new way for you to get some rest while at the airport. 

Jan 24, 2015 12min
Trifecta Extra: Whittle's Greatest Pinewood Derby Story of All Time


Race cars, power tools and a woman with a wet saw: Join the manly men of Trifecta and get your motors running with this outtakes and bloopers after show.

Jan 24, 2015 9min
Seth Rogen or Chris Kyle? What do Islamists Think of American Men?


Are American men pudgy cowards like Seth Rogen, or rough and ready like Chris Kyle? Will we recover from wussification in time to defeat Islamist jihadis?

Jan 23, 2015 6min
Can a Sexy Airline Safety Video Teach Boring GOP to Sell the Sizzle?


Can Republicans bring sexy back by emulating a Virgin America flight safety video?  Picture a ripped George Washington in $20K of Armani, hefting an AR-15.

Jan 22, 2015 10min
Sen. Harry Reid to Run or Retire in 2016?

The Rundown

Will Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid run for re-election in 2016 - or will the Nevada Democrat retire? Attorney General Eric Holder steps in to save Americans from being ripped off by the government. Find out how. Plus, American Sniper shatters box office records! The Rundown has your look at Clint Eastwood's new film. 

Jan 21, 2015 12min
Stone Cold Conservative: Sweet Emotion Wins Hearts to Cause of Liberty


Cold logic can only take Republicans so far…and so far that’s not far enough. Here’s the case for cutting loose with some sweet emotion to win elections.

Jan 21, 2015 10min
American Sniper Sniped: Why Hollywood Lefties Hate Eastwood's Movie


Seth Rogen compares it to Nazi propaganda. Michael Moore calls Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, a coward. Why Leftists MUST hate Clint Eastwood’s movie.

Jan 20, 2015 7min