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Pyrite Tea: Fake Tea Partiers Play Spoiler in Michigan


Gene Clem of Michigan Tea Party Alliance talks about the efforts of some to form an official Tea Party. Is this a dirty trick to split the Tea Party vote and help the Democrats? Find out on Coast to Coast Tea Party with Stephen Green.  

Aug 6, 2010 10min
All Fizzle, No Sizzle: Obama's Recovery Summer Fails to Warm Jobs Numbers

Front Page with Allen Barton

Listen to Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Center and Terry Jones from Investors.com discuss recovery summer with Allen Barton.

Aug 6, 2010 13min
N-A-A-C...Puh-leeze: Zo Heads to Washington to Respond to Tea Party Attacks

Tea Party TV

Alfonzo Rachel speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. about charges of racism against the Tea Party movement. See why it's the NAACP and the Democrats who need to examine their motives.  

Aug 6, 2010 5min
AMBUSH! Trees and Terror on Border of Israel

Middle East Update

Richard Landes reports on the tree pruning incident that resulted in a clash between Israeli and Lebanese forces.  

Aug 6, 2010 6min
Pete Stark is Kruisin' for a Bruisin'

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

Congressman Pete Stark is back to tell us about the powers of the federal government, and it's just peachy.

Aug 6, 2010 16min
Keeping the Race Divide Alive: How Ideology & Tradition are a Roadblock to Post-Racial America

PJTV Special

Some leaders want to keep the race divide alive, but not William Owens, founder of Community Faith and Policy. Joe Hicks talks to Owens about the culture of victimization and the racial divide. 

Aug 6, 2010 14min
Another "Stark" Truth: The Federal Government Can Do Most Anything In This Country


Trifecta looks at the Pete Stark controversy, the Obama health care chart, the North Korean soccer team and other issues of the day.


Aug 5, 2010 15min
Prop C: Missouri Declares Freedom From Obamacare

Tea Party TV

Dana Loesch talks about Missouri voters and their rejection of Obama's Health Care Law. 

Aug 5, 2010 9min
FLASH POINT ISRAEL: Lebanon Misses the Forest for the Trees During Border Attack

PJTV Special

A tree trimming project resulted in a deadly clash between Israeli and Lebanese forces. Roger Simon and PJTV's Israel Bureau Chief Richard Landes discuss the the latest hostilities.

Aug 5, 2010 8min
The World's Funniest Klavan on the Culture Bloopers

Klavan on Culture

 As the Keystone Congress heads home to face tough questions from their constituents, Andrew Klavan decides to air some of his outtakes. Never has there been this much transparency in the culture war.

Aug 4, 2010 4min