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The Future of ObamaCare: Can the Government Use the Commerce Clause to Justify Anything?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The Commerce Clause has already been inflated so much that we basically can't do anything without the government's permission". -- Alex Epstein 

Feb 7, 2011 12min
Starve the Beast: Can the House Kill ObamaCare By Simply Defunding It?

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

That's the starve the beast mentality that we have been hearing so much about and as we know… all funding and tax legislation really starts in the House, and so if the House decides not to fund it, it doesn't get funded -- Guy Benson 

Feb 7, 2011 16min
PJTV FLASHBACK: One for the Gipper, Celebrating Reagan's 100th Birthday

PJTV Special

Originally Airing July 3, 2010: How do you celebrate the party of the century? PJTV takes you to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to get the details of President Reagan's centennial celebration and how his leadership continues to inspire us today. Find out how you can have the opportunity to pay tribute to the life and legacy of President Reagan. Watch and comment here: http://pjtv.com/v/3757

Feb 6, 2011 14min
Suleiman the Savior? Egypt's Unknown Future

Front Page with Allen Barton

"The situation in Egypt is making investors nervous. The Suez Canal is still a huge trade hub for goods from China and for Mideast oil. What are economic repercussions of the unrest in Egypt?" -- Allen Barton 

Feb 5, 2011 13min
The Reagan Legacy and the Restoration of America

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"Ronald Reagan was the leading conservative of his generation and he was successful as President, so his legacy is that of successful conservatism." -- Larry Greenfield 

Feb 5, 2011 12min
Move Your Business to New Jersey. Plus, Happy Birthday Dick Cheney & Get Lost Rotten Marxist


"I am OK. I got out. I was ambushed and beaten by police; my phone confiscated; my car ripped apart; supplies taken."

- Sandmonkey (twitter name)


Feb 5, 2011 3min
Jimmy Liable? Does Carter's Book Advance Anti-Israel Propaganda?

PJTV Special

"[N]obody is allowed to lie, to state things in a book and to insist that they are fact, that they are true. Especially not someone like Jimmy Carter" -- Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq.


Feb 4, 2011 7min
Chuck Schumer's Three Branches of Condescension & Chris Matthews' Love Letter to Bubba

Kruiser Control with Stephen Kruiser

"I would urge my Democrat foes to read the Constitution once in a while..." -- Stephen Kruiser

Feb 4, 2011 9min
The Great Koch Conspiracy: Why Does the Left Fear Free Speech?

The Hicks File

The Los Angeles Times’ headline for this story read “Billionaire brothers undermine democracy, demonstrators say.”  MSNBC.com led with this: “Conservative high-rollers gather to plot strategy.”  Why not this headline? “Noisy leftist protesters try to disrupt weekend gathering … 25 arrested.”  


Feb 4, 2011 7min
Notes from Cairo Underground: The Egyptian Blogger Sandmonkey Reports on Cairo Chaos

PJTV Special

"America does have the right to stick to its interests. America has to pick whether it stands for its ideals or it stands for its interests. Simple. It is a very simple choice that the previous administration did not hesitate to take, and which the current one fumbles every...time." -- Sandmonkey 

Feb 3, 2011 22min