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PJTV REPORT: Government Spending Is Sinking the Economy; Will Obama See the Light?

PJTV Special

The moment has arrived to deal with the Federal deficit -- but will Obama listen to his own commission?  Plus more on Wikileaks, Obama's radical youth, and neutron bomb creator Sam Cohen.

Dec 3, 2010 6min
Remembering Sam Cohen: PJTV Interviews the Inventor of the Neutron Bomb

PJTV Special

PJTV remembers Sam Cohen, Father of the Neutron Bomb.

Dec 2, 2010 12min
Minority Report: Race-Based Statistics Not All Black and White

PJTV Special

Joe Hicks looks into the problems affecting black communities, and asks whether they have anything at all to do with race and identity.

Dec 2, 2010 8min
The Bottom Line With James Poulos, New START or Nuclear Winter: Has Russia Been Naughty or Nice?

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

Russia will look after its interests every time. So how can the United States advance its own interests? Find out as Matt Rojansky joins James Poulos to speak about the US, Russian relationship.

Dec 2, 2010 22min
Greece is the Word: Is America Destined for a European Style Fiscal Crisis?


Greek taxpayers are paying the price for their fiscal mistakes, but America still spends with reckless abandon. Are individual states heading for bankruptcy?  

Dec 2, 2010 10min
The Conversation with Tony Katz: WikiLeaks and Public Enemy No. 1

The Conversation with Tony Katz

Fini Goodman, Stephanie Escajeda, and Kinsey Scofield join Tony Katz to talk about the WikiLeaks scandal. 

Dec 2, 2010 8min
Andrew Klavan: Is America Satanophobic?

Klavan on Culture

An irrational hatred of Satanists is gripping this nation. Will the left protect the embattled satanism with the same vigor with which they defended the Ground Zero mosque?  

Dec 2, 2010 5min
Michele Bachmann: You May Lose Your Job, Seniors May Get IOUs, But Congress Gets Constitution Class

PJTV Special

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann talks to Richard Pollock about fixing the federal budget, while helping the economy.   Hear her surprising prognosis for senior's retirement checks in the absence of reform.

Dec 2, 2010 10min
Barack Obama, Radical in Chief (Part 3): Obama's Non-Profit Shock Troops

PJTV Special

Barack Obama's involvement in non-profit groups gave him easy access to money and people. 

Dec 1, 2010 11min
Mickey Kaus Interview (Part 2): California Screaming; Why Did the Golden State Reward Incumbents?

The Hicks File

 Author and journalist Mickey Kaus visits the Hicks File.

Dec 1, 2010 10min