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You Can't Spell Union without IOU. Plus, Take No Sheen from Thugs.

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"Cocaine has a way of supercharging narcissism and a superman complex...It's sad when you see people like this." - Zo

Mar 3, 2011 5min
Oil Goes Up: Recovery Goes Down? Plus, Donald Rumsfeld on Guantanamo Dust-Up with Justice Department

PJTV Report

"This isn't an economy that goes back into a recession. This is an economy that's in a recession--and then heads into worse trouble." -- Tony Katz

Mar 2, 2011 10min
Known and Unknown: Donald Rumsfeld Analyzes the Challenges We Face and the Future of our Military

InstaVision With Glenn Reynolds

"The prison at Guantanamo is one of the best run prisons in the world." - Donald Rumsfeld 

Mar 2, 2011 18min
The Unbeatable Obama? Plus, Charlie Sheen, Oil Shock, Health Care, and More (Members Only)


"The most wonderful thing about tiggers is that Respresentative Wu is the only one in the House that we know of" -- Scott Ott 

Mar 2, 2011 9min
Tea Party Haters: Uninformed, Intolerant Hypocrites


"This year the federal government is going to spend $2 trillion sending checks to people...the Koch brothers spent...$2 million. So if the left is correct, if taking money really does corrupt people, then the Koch brothers are one one millionth as corrupting as Uncle Sam." --Steve Green 

Mar 2, 2011 10min
Fleeting Chance: US Misses Opportunity To Take Military Lead in Gaddafi's Libya


"We sent in an undersized ferry, when right there in the Med is the Sixth Fleet, with the USS Enterprise attached -- a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.  So I guess the question is:  What the hell?" -- Steve Green 

Mar 1, 2011 9min
Rand Ol' Party: Yaron Brook and the Intellectual Foundation of the Tea Party Movement

Tea Party TV

"Why has Atlas Shrugged been able to predict what has been able to happen over the last few years; what are the philosophical foundations in Atlas that can help us move forward and move in the right direction?" Yaron Brook

Mar 1, 2011 4min
Rep. Barton: Thanks To Tea Party We Have a "Fighting Chance" to Go Back to Original Constitution

Tea Party TV

"Why should the government tell you what type of lightbulb to have in your home…If you break one you have to call a Hazmat crew to clean it up" -- Rep. Joe Barton

Mar 1, 2011 8min
Pension Tension and Dissension

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

Pension costs may make up as much as half of total state and local debt that is running as high as $6 trillion. How did we get there and how do we get out? -- James Poulos

Mar 1, 2011 14min
Sonja Schmidt: The Awards for Lack of Decency and Taste in Teen Culture Go to...

Sonja Schmidt's Left Exposed

"MTV just released a school based TV show called "Skins" that was full of half naked teens, gratuitous drug use, violence and sex. And it sent a message to girls that in order to get boys, and keep boys, they need to service boys." -- Sonja Schmidt

Mar 1, 2011 6min