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Rile on the Nile & the Future of Obamacare

PJTV Report

"Judge Vinson went all in on his ruling on Obamacare... not only did he find that the mandate was unconstitutional, he also ruled that if the mandate went down, the whole bill went down with it.  That's a pretty big deal." -- Glenn Reynolds

Feb 2, 2011 7min
Our Constitution Is Alive and Well: Federal Court Strikes at Heart of ObamaCare


"The United States Constitution is alive and well, and living in Pensacola, Florida." -- Scott Ott

Feb 1, 2011 12min
Palin, Pawlenty and Romney, Oh My! Sizing up the 2012 GOP Presidential Contenders

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"Newt Gingrich has more Presidential qualities than anybody on both sides, but he won't get elected" -- Tom Dreesen

Feb 1, 2011 11min
Israel on Edge: The Future of Democracy in the Middle East

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

"Islamization is here, and it's going to continue.  I'm not sure that... democracy leads to stability.  It may lead to liberation.  It may lead to civil society.  It may lead to voting rights.  But it may not lead to stability.  We may not like what the democracies vote in ala Hamas in Gaza."

--Larry Greenfield

Feb 1, 2011 15min
A History of Violence: Hypocrites and Civil Discourse

AlfonZo Rachel Presents: ZoNation

"No group in America has inflicted more injury and death motivated by politics than the Democrat party." -- AlfonZo Rachel

Feb 1, 2011 5min
Stand and Scratch His Head? What Is Obama's Position on Egypt?


"Obama sounded like he was reading an instruction manual for how to assemble a ping pong table." -- Scott Ott

Feb 1, 2011 10min
Chaos in Egypt: Is a New Islamist State Being Born?

PJTV Report

"The Egyptian people have lost the love for Hosni Mubarak.  He's been a tough autocrat and the people don't want to put up with it anymore.   This has put the Obama administration in a box."  -- James Poulos


Jan 31, 2011 6min
Hair of the Dog -- Talk Like an Egyptian: Hillary Clinton, King Tut's Mummy and a Small Car


Stephen Green: "Over one-hundred dead, thousands wounded, tanks in the streets, fighter jets in the sky--Madame Secretary, I'm thinking that ships sailed already."


Jan 31, 2011 6min
Claire Berlinski: Is Mubarak Doomed and Should We Fear the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Bottom Line with James Poulos

 "There will be very serious instability in Egypt for a long time to come... Mubarack is absolutely doomed.  I don't think he's going to last even a few more days."

--Claire Berlinksi

Jan 31, 2011 19min
The Rise and Fall of the American Empire?

Front Page with Allen Barton

"Energy is the life blood of an industrialized country and the ability and freedom to produce energy is crucial.  That is being opposed by the environmentalists and the government as part of a whole anti-capitalist, anti-business trend." -- Don Watkins

Jan 31, 2011 12min