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Rep. Louie Gohmert: If Government Can't Stop Spending, Why Do We Keep Giving It Money?

Tea Party TV

"Can you imagine a parent going into a bank and saying 'you need to lend me money because I can't stop spending?'" -- Rep. Louie Gohmert

Feb 26, 2011 13min
The Agenda: Tea Party Patriots To Focus on the Debt Ceiling, Government Spending & America's Future

Tea Party TV

"Where is the country going to go... over the next forty years...now the question is what's the future will look like" --Mark Meckler

Feb 26, 2011 3min
PJTV's Tea Party Patriots: Summit11, the Tea Party Policy Summit

Tea Party TV

"I'm fearful because I know the most organized people over there are the Muslim Brotherhood...every time I hear some US official tell me not to be afraid of the Muslim Brotherhood, I want to reach in the TV and throttle them. We should be very afraid of them." 

Feb 26, 2011 9min
Rep. Jeff Flake: Congress Can't Be Trusted to Cut Spending, Can Anything Reign in DC Power?

Tea Party TV

"Congress can't be trusted these days to cut spending, so it has to be serious spending caps." -- Rep Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

Feb 26, 2011 5min
Which Side Are You On? Unions, Wisconsin & Collective Bargaining

Next Gen Startups

"Here we have a President who hasn't have the courage to tackle entitlement programs at the national level...but has the audacity to tell a sitting governor that he should also display a lack of courage…" Joe Hicks

Feb 26, 2011 10min
Sheriff Arpaio: DOJ Won't Fight Illegal Immigration, So Use the Military to Combat Border Violence.

Tea Party TV

Broadcasting from Summit 11, the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit, PJTV's Joe Hicks sits down with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He's made headlines with his aggressive enforcement of the law. Find out his solution to solving America's illegal immigration problem and hear how the Feds are giving him no support. 
Feb 26, 2011 10min
Why Do Republicans Hate People? And Why Do Union Thugs Attack Women?


"CBS San Francisco found the global warming… They're expecting their first snow in 35 years." -- Steve Green  

Feb 26, 2011 4min
RON PAUL FLASHBACK: There's No Difference Between Political Parties, Now Is the Time for Freedom

Tea Party TV

"How can anybody turn down freedom. And it makes so much sense. Do People want the government in their bedroom? Nobody wants that. Do people want the government to tell them how to spend? No they don't want that. Do they want high taxes. No." Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Feb 26, 2011 4min
Public Disservice: Government Union Monopolies Are Bankrupting America

PJTV Special

"The average Milwaukee public school teacher receives roughly $100,000 in compensation." -- Alexis Garcia

"They are going to go broke and they know it and what they are telling is everything is fine and it isn't." -- James MacDougland 

Feb 25, 2011 12min
The Jasmine Revolution: The Future of China, The Chinese People & The Chinese Military

The Conversation with Tony Katz

"Their military is growing, and their military is focused on the United States. So let's not fool ourselves. This might not have a happy ending for the United States." -- Kurt Schlicter

Feb 25, 2011 10min